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“A sweeping, melodic odyssey, Aoede: Do You Believe in Magic? is a treasure for both the young and the young at heart. Highly recommended, especially for gift-giving!”

“DYBIM harnesses the talents of over a dozen people to give us a magical, mystical, musical journey that delights the ears and lights up the mind of tweens, teens and the young in spirit regardless of age... put on your headphones, close your eyes and believe in magic!”

“... a fanciful adventure - down the rabbit hole - of magical musical riveting storytelling and exciting labyrinths of trust and misdeed... The music is true to its story and well produced. The story moves along fluidly and the structure and continuity are true to its genre (fantasy). The content is stimulating and attractive. It is in touch with its audience (tweens) and leads and guides them along the way. The performances and production values are terrific.”

“...you will indeed believe in magic, because you will find it one that is spellbinding and it will have you holding your breath until the story comes to an end ... The music is exquisite, her voice is radiant throughout, the story line is captivating and the narration is very well done...”

“The scope of the production is remarkable - 23 cuts laced with excitingly dramatic spoken-word performances and songs that would be at home in a Broadway musical, served up by a sizable, highly talented cast. No small undertaking, this.”

“For those of us raised on The Hobbit and Harry Potter and places to get lost when the skies are dismal, once again, Aoede has created a safe haven for our respite. The intended audience for this magical journey is "tweens" - but its reach is far more generous than that. There is no termination date for imagination and there is no expiration date for magic. Aoede is a muse for all ages. The detail and depth of the production enhances the messages skillfully embodied within the magical Kingdom of Wonderhaven. I am going to take this beautiful record with me to my favorite hot tub hideaway in the forest and get lost for a weekend. Thank you for your concept and detail Muse Aoede!”

“Do You Believe in Magic" is one of the most creative musical projects that has come across my desk. It will be featured in my 'Independent Music Magazine" this September. Singer/Songwriter Aoede glistens & writer Lisa Sniderman delights us with her imagery and writing skills. Bravo!”

“Sniderman and her talented troupe of singers, character voices and musicians gallantly travel through this ambitious undertaking. Listeners will recognize when some of Sniderman’s characters borrow traits from the greats who have gone before–Yoda, Gollum and Dobby, for example. The Dream Sequence reminded some of the playful and witty dialogue from Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. We applaud the creative effort and hope that Sniderman will work to further home her structure story and develop her characters to carry on in future fantasy adventures.”

“If this album were any better it would be on Broadway.. a luscious rainbow of music, story, characters and adventure that will mesmerize children and entertain adults… magical worlds of music, tales, characters, excitement, concern, love and joy. Her albums are ostensibly for children, but really, the music is so sophisticated and the artists she joins with and directs are so talented that adults get lost in them…”

“Delving back into the Wonderhaven fantasy realm, she creates vividly inventive portraits of fairy and goblin characters prompted by a “nyxmare” to which creative children who spend hours in imaginative play will naturally gravitate... one could easily imagine how this airy and fantasy-filled album would translate into a children’s TV show or a movie... Hints of indie pop’s Feist, Lisa Loeb , Susannah Hoff and Ingrid Michaelson influences weave in and out like Renaissance festival ribbons on several tracks. There’s even a little reggae on “All This Mess”. During Aoede’s excursion to the underworld to prevent the white witch from winning, children will automatically become invested in how this story ends. For parents who enjoyed the Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fantasy series, this album falls well within this genre. Will Aoede triumph in the end? The album will keep the audience enthralled enough until the end to find out.”

“In 'What Are Dreams Made Of?,' singer/songwriter Lisa Sniderman and her collaborators have created something more than just a unique combination of story and song. They've fashioned a fully-formed universe whose carefully wrought details rival those in the fantastical novels so popular with teens and tweens nowadays. In the story, Aoede The Muse sets out to understand her recurring bad dream (a 'Nyxmare') that overlaps with events in the magical town of Wonderhaven, where children have been going missing. Along the way we meet a cast of memorable characters - Luk, Morpheus, Goblins, The White Witch - some friendly, some not so much. The audio tracks regularly alternate between spoken word and melody, with songs ranging in tone from catchy pop to darker fare. The rich inventiveness of the characters, storyline, and language flesh out a mystical world into which listeners are drawn, the recording acting as a portal to the deepest levels of our imagination.”

“(What Are Dreams Made Of) Its like watching a musical with parts of speech to tell the tale and then breaks into music and back to the story. I loved the music and the tale.. I kept on smiling how fun it was, brought memories of a child hood memory of a band I enjoyed which told a story and then begins to sing in each section of the show... When you hear the song and the story that is happening you can close your eyes and imagine this happening. a picture pops in your head of exactly what is going on. I feel as if I can see it happening without it being on TV or on my computer, no image needed. The music and tale gives you everything you need to understand what is going on..”

"This new release reaches beyond the audience that she was embracing in her previous work and now she is embracing the older genre, the tweens and teens, as well as young adults... This is a captivating and inviting story shared in word and music. A beautiful piece of art in cd form. The picture she paints through her work is spellbinding and one that you will enjoy again and again. Child and parent alike can enter in to this fairytale world and experience this exciting new realm together."

“Gr 3-8–In this mix of story and song, Aoede (pronounced A-E-D), a muse from Olympus, travels to the land of Wonderhaven to look for love… Aoede has a lovely soprano voice… This fun production should find a place in most library music collections for children. Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library, TX ”

Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library, TX - School Library Journal Book Verdict

“Taking cue from the magic of imagination and getting lost in a story, Aoede’s ‘Is Love a Fairy Tale’ captures the innocence and dream world so easily forgotten. Aoede’s mesmerizing, almost ethereal vocals transport the listener to a simpler time. While this album, a children’s album, has greater appeal to tweens, the message is still fun and engaging for all ages… This entire album surprised me, and really just put me in a great mood.”

“As a music critic, this album isn’t that easy to review. It’s closer to theater or literature than it is to music…. Looking to the production and performance, this is a very professional creation. It’s obviously something with a lot of thought put into it… All I can say is well done.”

“Congratulations. We have selected your songs" Can't Stop The Music & Bittersweet" for promotion and airplay on The Airomee Wind Radio Station. "This music needs no one to" compliment it. The music speaks for itself. Aoede's music is filled with colorful images of life that leave a lasting impression on listeners mind.”

Airomee Wind - The Airomee Wind Radio Station

“What’s striking is that the narrative is written so cleverly that it leaves one wondering whether the songs came first or were written specifically for the latter album. Kudos must go to the story writing and weaving an appropriate storyline around already existing tracks… It is incredibly clever and seamless… The creativity is vast and makes one wonder if Aoede does in fact have a muse.”

“Through a collage of timeless animation and inspired real-word vignettes, Aoede compels you back to youth and the unshakeable belief in happily ever after.”

“Aoede's quirky lyrics and fun, catchy hooks laid over well-crafted melodies transport one back to the innocence and magic of childhood. Is Love A Fairy Tale? is a musical journey that, in the end, leaves one tickled and in awe.”

“I found this collection quite interesting. It was almost like listening to a musical. Each track had some narration and some music but the Is Love A Fairy Tale? CD makes one continuous story. I would say that the story itself is good for pre-teens and would be especially appealing to girls. It talks about a young woman in search of love. She's not sure what it is or how to find it. She looks lots of places and meets lots of interesting creatures in the mystical land where she lives. In the end we learn that "love is whatever you want it to be" and is "the greatest thing of all".”

“This CD is so catchy and unique. My 5 year old likes it.. I think I may share this with my best friend who has 4 girls in her house :) The music is very fun and engaging and stays in your head all day. I love all fairy tales, and I love greek mythology even more so this is right up my alley. The narration through out really brings the story in the music together. We, well me and the 5 year old, really enjoy this and I can't wait to share with my friend and her girls and see what they think too. 5/5 :)”

“This talented songwriter has a gift for crafting pop melodies and lyrics so catchy you'll find yourself humming and singing along from the very first listen. Her voice has the unique ability to be simultaneously upbeat and plaintive, a quality that keeps the listener actively engaged. The arrangements are awash in warm harmonies and delightfully quirky, well-suited instrumental choices. The standouts include 'Make It Up As You Go,' a buoyant, catchy whistle tune that shows us that anything we can imagine, we can create. 'Little Things,' a delightful song about the pleasures to be had from life's simpler offerings, makes us wonder why the ukulele isn't used far more often in pop music. And the joyful 'Reason To Smile' uses trombone and tuba to great effect in ways that brings the Beatles to mind. As the narrative and musical selections take Aoede through the ups and downs of love and life, an overall philosophy emerges, one that seems to say, 'love is real, love is life-and life is good”

“With her own distinct tones and vocal phrasing, the unique and soothingly sweet voice of Aoede will have you skipping along at times as if you were enjoying the youth of childhood again and not caring what anyone thinks because you've found the fountain of youth!... The album... is playful - yet contemplative. It tackles the innocence of youthful dreams to the complexeties of life that come with adulthood and the mundane routines that makes us all human. A pleasant yet bouncy vaudevillianish album with a modern pop twist. It is no wonder that Aoede has multiple nominations for "Best Artist" for the 2013 Artists In Music Awards!”

“Aoede spreads the inspiration she carries within her to whatever she does… Her radiant soprano voice mingles with her own quirky brand of DIY pop and heartfelt, powerful lyrics.”

“Aoede's refreshing vocals that float effortlessly over her uplifting productions bring a smile to every face… Skeletonsof the Muse features some undeniably stand out tracks including 'Love Proof' and 'Fairytale Love' and contribute to an outstanding production of Music that showcases how different and unique this artist is, a rare talent that has shown consistency and versatility throughout her output paving the way for a bright and expanding future”

“Easily relatable to anyone with that care-free easygoing love of music…The music of Aoede is purely meant to uplift the soul and put a smile in your heart. It is no wonder that Aoede has been receiving acclaim across the board within the music industry already, because no one should be without a smile in their heart.”

"For AOEDE, you cannot tag her as a single genre artist, in fact, it is much harder to pin her down in one category, because her music is outside any realm of typical categories. Instead, put her in your "Popular" playlist and hit repeat often, because if you enjoy music by Regina Spektor, and Feist, Ingrid Michaelson then you will definitely enjoy AOEDE."

“Poppy, upbeat, heartfelt, passion-filled, talented – those are just some words one might use to describe Aoede. Lisa Sniderman has a brilliantly vibrant voice that matches her positive personality. Her music isn’t necessarily confined to any set parameters, that is to say, if you compared her song I Lost, You Win to Love Proof, you might think it was two different artists. Aoede has a distinct Pop sound to it, but not the kind of mainstream Pop sound. When the ukulele is added into the mix, it gives off a happy, positive feeling much the way Molly Lewis‘ music does (minus the comedy)... If I were to compare Aoede to someone it would be The Oh Wells. Like The Oh Wells, Aoede creates songs with lyrics that are deep, sensitive, and contemplative. MarsBands.com suggests you check out some of Aoede’s music via ReverbNation below. Enjoy!”

“Aoede (Lisa Sniderman) has a fizzy, fancy-free persona conveyed with a hint of Brit-ness a la Lilly Allen, but is much less edgy... charming ukulele fueled Love Proof whose quaint simplicity and deft vocal harmonies recall the Ditty Bops. This artist has a unique spirit...”

“Affair With the Muse’s lyrics are dominated by reactions, observations & questions pertaining to the matters of the heart… This album is like a cool breeze on a warm summer day. You’ll find yourself reflecting upon your own experiences. You’ll find yourself deep in empathy, as if her words were meant for your ears alone. ”

“Aoede's quirky folk/pop sensibilities mix with both light and dark on her latest album, sometimes throwing up glorious sparks of song, while at others simply documenting the passage of time and the survival of creation; of life itself... "Fairy Tale Love" explores wanting that perfect love story.  Aoede's sweetly anachronistic voice dances with the melody line to create a sweet opening moment. ”

"Affair With The Muse’s best moments are when Aoede completely lets her guard down... Full of fun, poppy hooks and gorgeous underscored production that only aids in making these engaging lovelorn themes all the more enticing; Aoede’s easy-to-love pop will forever find a home on your headphones."

“Hey! This is Christopher Ewing, Host of "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown". I'm writing you to say "Congratulations"! Your music has been chosen for consideration for airplay on "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"! I receive thousands and thousands of submissions for airplay from all over the world, and you were chosen from all of those submissions because I feel that you are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now. Way to go!”

“I so adore Aoede's album 'Push and Pull' not just because it contains outstanding songs, but also because the production is beautiful. Turn it up and listen to Lisa Sniderman's wonderful voice on 'I Lost You Win' - fantastic, She has a beautiful voice, and her songs mostly cross the line between Pop and rock, which is a bonus as far as I'm concerned. In fact, I Love this album from start to finish an absolute brilliant work from all members of this great band ..Rock on Ao”

Carl Warren - Carl Warren-Fan-Reverbnation

"I need a copy of Push and Pull in the house, in the vehicle, in the studio & in my head all the time. I've added this gem to my own personal favorite collection, but then you will too once you've treated your ears to this masterpiece! Just remember....A-E-D!

Kit McGuire, Kit's Korner Indie104.com

"Bringing pop worthy hooks together with alt rock instrumentation and smoky production, Push and Pull, Aoede’s new release (May 2008), stays with you long after the first listen...demanding more spins and closer attention...an unforgettable emotional listening experience..."

Massive Music - Massive Music

"...a remarkable vulnerable-yet-tough album full of great songs that stand on their own integrity…just great songwriting, a unique and memorable voice, and tight musicianship. And what more, really, could you ask for?”

"multi-faceted and intensely engaging...Sniderman's vocal is electrifying"

"personal, sweet indie pop...the perfect soundtrack for an autumn road trip"

Jusstin Winokur - JWC Artist Group

"The music conjures up all of the fantasy and inspiration of a beautiful, tragic myth. It is a story-telling, magic-making kind of music..."