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Anya Parker-Lentz / Press

“What was interesting was after the first three tracks, the songs seem to fall into the dark and deeper end. The Giving features a couple interesting tracks in "The Giving" and "Wake Up Alice." These two tracks because they are based off of literature. "The Giving" is based off of The Giving Tree children's book by Shel Silverstein. It makes the song more fun to listen to because most are aware of "The Giving Tree" story so it becomes a theme song of course. On the other side, when Parker-Lentz sings it, she does it well. Well enough that if you weren't aware of the story, it would seem like her own creative story and song. I give her credit here, I like the track.”

“Crazy Little Sing Called Love: What can you do with a beautiful voice and a heart of gold? Give the gift of song, that’s what. That’s how one young musician, Anya Parker Lentz of Short Hills, New Jersey, makes her mark. Anya, 16, is unquestionably a rising star. Check out her song samples and you’ll agree. But as she makes a name for herself, she isn’t forgetting her friends. When close pal Jake was diagnosed with dystonia, a neurological movement disorder, Anya was so moved that she wrote a song called “Mission Possible.” And when Jake and his family started an annual fundraiser to support research and awareness of the condition, “Mission Possible” became the unofficial theme song. True-blue Anya performs, of course, at Jake’s fundraising event. ”

“Lullaby Review: Acoustic guitar opens this and that motif continues as the vocals come over the top. This is a powerful cut with the vocals providing the bulk of the charm. Still, the guitar based arrangement has a lot of drama and power built within despite the mellower approach to it. Normally a mellow tune isn’t the best way to end a set, but this is so powerful that it works. That really says a lot.”

“Walking Out Review: Pretty piano opens this one tentatively. It powers out into one of the most modern sounding piece of the whole set. There’s a lot of oomph to this, but not at the expense of melody. While this feels closely related to modern pop rock, that’s not where it ends. That means there are still some hints of retro sound here.”

“ Wake Up Alice Review: The retro sounds are in full form on the introduction to this piece. It’s got a lot of cool psychedelia on the introduction. Then it drops to a mellow balladic movement for the first vocals. It grows into an extremely powerful tune. There are definitely hints of retro rock sounds and once again the vocal arrangement and vocals in general are strong.”

“The Giving Review: The title track rocks out pretty hard after a piano based introduction. . It’s one of the most modern sounding pieces. That said, it’s still quite a powerful song that doesn’t feel generic. ”

“ Stuck in Limbo Review: This comes in tentatively but launches out into a powerful tune that’s got a dense and pretty arrangement. There are a lot of retro sounds here and the whole song is really great. The lead vocals are really strong, but the backing vocals add a lot, too. ”

“Not Trying to Hurt You Review: This rocker has a very classic sound to it. It grows out organically and really works. The vocal performance is particularly strong and emotional – one might even say “soulful.” This is a killer tune that rocks out a lot. ”

“Staredown Review: Bouncy and very much in keeping with modern pop rock, this is an intriguing cut that has a lot of energy. It’s catchy and has some intriguing moments. While it’s arguably the weakest and least “special” track on the set, it’s still an effective way to start things off and it’s a strong tune. It’s just that everything else here is so strong that it fades in comparison a bit. There is a mellower, melodic movement mid-track and some of the guitar in the arrangement brings just a touch of country reference to it. ”

“Based in New Jersey, the young Anya Parker-Lentz creates whirling vocal pop melodies and catchy song arrangements on her debut EP, The Giving. "Staredown" is a good pop song with glittering percussion, glistening guitars, and an angelic voice. "Not Trying" opens with a pensive piano melody and light rock percussion with guitars and a Stevie Nicks-esque vocal concoction. The piano takes on a more prevalent role on "Stuck In Limbo." However, the guitars and percussion remind us of a good pop song arrangement with something deeper than your typical superficial pop lyrics of today. "The Giving" begins with another piano melody, but the melody morphs into a rock vein with clear vocals. "Wake Up Alice" is a pensive melody with a slow, stirring arrangement with a slightly European folk-pop influence and Cranberries-esque arrangements and vocals. The seven-track release is a top-notch release of pop songs with attitude and unforgettable attributes.”

“Sixteen year old singer songwriter, Anya Parker-Lentz has only recently gone solo, making waves with the indie pop sounds of her first album, The Giving, released earlier this year. As an “old soul spinning songs written under the influence of youth”, Anya’s keen ear for melodies and vocal charisma has been likened to that of Adele and Stevie Nicks, and The Giving gives listeners a seven track glimpse into the ‘Sara Bareilles cross Sarah McLachlan with a hint of Fiona Apple’ talent that she’s tapping into. There’s something unique in her voice that you can’t quite put your finger on, but it gives her the edge that sets her apart from other up and coming teen pop stars. As Anya’s deeply sweet voice sweeps you away into a temporary whimsical day dream, you might find yourself wondering where she’ll be in just a few more years in the industry. Though uncertain of what the future holds, Anya’s definitely on her way to something bright, and The Giving is only the b”

“Anya Parker-Lentz is your typical 16-year-old girl from New Jersey with a knack for piano and a good voice with a bright future. This is her in a nut-shell. She opens herself up with The Giving. Parker-Lentz manages to let her teenage self through her music, as well as hints of artistic depth. She's put some time forward to touring and playing her music to some crowds as well as fundraiser's, she looks to take a step forward with this debut EP. I think Anya Parker-Lentz has plenty of potential. More particularly because she was able to come out with this EP at the age of sixteen, which means she still has growing to do as a person and artist. She'll have more experiences to tie in and inspire lyrics, as well as blossom as a person. She's accomplished plenty so far, and sparks of an old soul pop into the music here and there; she's capable of achieving a brighter future through her music. Keep an eye out for her music.”

“The first time you see Anya Parker-Lentz you might think she’s a typical American teenage girl. You would be wrong. Parker-Lentz has an understanding of link between art and life that extends far beyond her sixteen years. Her debut EP, The Giving, shows the growing pains of youth, but also the powerful talent that causes people who have never heard her before to stop and listen. ”

“ This awesome disc combines modern sounds with retro elements. It’s a real testament to the strength of the set that the weakest music here is stronger than the best stuff on a lot of discs. It’s even more impressive when you consider that Anya Parker-Lentz is 16 years old and still in high school. This young lady is very talented and should have a great career ahead of her. That’s good for her, but also good for music fans because we can probably expect a lot of great music in the future from Parker-Lentz. If there’s a complaint to be made about this, it’s that it’s too short. As good as this is, it would be great to hear more. I guess that means patience is required to wait for her next release.”

“Anya Parker-Lentz might seem like an average teenage girl on the outside… You know – swimming, yoga, writing, and giggle fits. But something amazing happens when she sits down behind a piano. It’s as if she was born for music. This 16 year old singer/songwriter from New Jersey delivers songs as if she is an old wise soul trapped in an adolescent body. On her latest release, The Giving, I am hearing influences from Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, Stevie Nicks, and even the Gin Blossoms. When Anya enters her music realm, all the things that make her seem like a young’n disappear. Anya’s lyrics dig deep into her teenage emotions but she shares these experiences with the confidence of a veteran storyteller. In other words, this is far above and beyond some emotional teenager’s diary scribbles. Anya is a master of her craft.”

"Anya has an ageless soul that shapes her lyrics. Her music awakens my senses and stirs my emotions."

Nancy Silverman, Wife, Mom, Dystonia Activist and Organizer of Jake's Ride (www.

"I've seen in Anya a level of command, expression, artistry, and depth I've rarely seen in artists....especially at such a tender age!"

Russell DeSalvo, producer/songwriter