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“Higher. Inner. Peace – Helping. Other. People. This acronym for hip hop represents not only what the music should be about, but it represents me, Anxious Baby. I live my life on this very principle, and I believe strongly in having my story told. ”

“on the rise, do you hear the echo? Anxious Baby’s new project Anxious on the Rise gives the Mile-High Music Scene an artist that represents Colorado with his lyrical style that lights up every track like the Fourth of July.”

“The City Hall Upstairs stage got a later start due to some production difficulties. Despite being an hour behind schedule, Anxious brought an impressive and patient crowd. Though he had the dreaded first time slot, his upbeat set engaged the people.”

““I can feel the pressure. It takes pressure to make a diamond” –Ryan Hyde, aka Anxious. Everyone, meet Anxious. Anxious, everyone. Let this be the informal start to what I hope is a great relationship. For those of you who don’t know, Anxious is just your typical Denver hip-hop artist. He’s white, poor, drives an ordinary car, and might just be the best writer living in Denver.”

“Anxious delivered a very notable and high energy set to close out the night. These guys brought the biggest crowd and are moving on to the semi-finals on May 12th.”

“I’d like to take a few moments to mention a kick-ass artist from good ol’ Denver. I saw a show with Anxious, the Denver based rapper who killed it on stage at Herman’s Hideaway. His intricate and well- defined levels of depth and versatility have really pushed him into the spotlight. Seeing such a powerful and clean example of accomplishment in that genre was inspiring. Anxious has been moving up in the ranks and I have no doubt that he will continue this progression in the days the come. Coincidentally, my brother and his friends grew up with Anxious and have known him for many years, which made the connection even closer. Denver music always blows me away! ”

“On Almost Famous, Anxious zips through his rhymes — battle-rap, tempo-driven joints mostly about his hustle and his constant striving to be the best — with notable ease, over stuttered beats with bass-heavy overtones. The MC almost out-raps himself on tracks like "Rocket Science" and "Put It in the Air," his anthemic ode to the herb ritual, and he's at his best on cuts like "Astronaut," with its otherworldly lyrics and super-fast rhyme structure. Although the record is not without a dense moment or two, or even a few missteps — "Antidiestablishmentarianism" isn't thoroughly defined, but the rapping is good, and "Here We Go" could use a little production lift — Almost Famous is solid overall.”

"Antidisestablishmentarianism" is the new joint that Anxious brings to the table. Although the title suggests that the MC is bucking the idea of conforming, the lyrics don't speak of anything radical at all. In particular, the phrase "antidisestablishmentarianism" is only mentioned once, and the song is mostly about Anxious' lyrical aptitude, which he proves is solid, at the very least. He somehow works in rhyming "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" unexpectedly, and it works! Have a listen.

“Ryan Hyde might call himself Anxious, but his just-released full-length, “Almost Famous,” is anything but timid. With hard-hitting beats, a rapid, intelligent flow and seemingly boundless energy, the album’s 19 tracks showcase an MC at the top of his game.”

"When It All Comes Down" - Beautiful example of 21st Century rap which could very well be a future Top 10 hit that will set the standard for others. I love this track so much, that I keep coming back to it again and again. This is an introspective declaration of never-ending drive and bravado, which again are necessary qualities to be a successful artist in any genre.

“Anxious, the MC actually seems pretty confident. So much so, in fact, that he says he will battle anybody, anytime -- and win. So far, he has the record to prove it. He's won every battle he has entered and made it past the local judges in the tryouts for NBC's .America's Got Talent (he's still waiting to hear if he gets an audience with the big wigs).”