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“New album "M.O.R.T.E. - Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration" will be out on May 12th on CD Comatose Music and on Vinyl via Everlasting Spew Records! 1. Whirlwind of Initiation 2. Spawn of Chaos 3. Chants for Abyzou 4. Praise to a Hecatomb 5. Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration 6. Omnipotent Annihilation 7. The Abyss (Chapter One) 8. Quintessence of Suffering 9. Deception of the Blood 10. Living in Fear (Malevolent Creation cover) Guitarist and songwriter Francesco "Meatgrinder" Montesanti states: "We decided to go with a warmer and "fatter" sound this time. Tunes are more straight to your face than the ones in AOL, more groovy, I'd say this is the most old schoolish and evil Antropofagus album to date. Me and Dave worked hard to make sure this album would've had a deeper, sanguineous sound and I've also went from a 6 to a 7 strings guitar this time. I'd say Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal have been the strongest influences while writing this album, but the Antropofagus”

Antropofagus New Album 2017

“Comatose Music & Antropofagus are pleased to announce: "Comatose Music is proud to announce the addition of Antropofagus to our growing roster of brutality. Antropofagus has recently been reformed and signed a multi album contract with Comatose Music. Hailing from Italy, they were formed back in 1997, but disbanded in 2002. Now returning with original guitarist Francesco and the addition of several new members they are currently writing for their new full length CD that will declare their supremacy! Their musical style has evolved into a more technical form, yet sustains a classic death metal presence with thriving gore and sickness. Antropofagus will also unleash two new songs on an upcoming split CD to be released by Comatose Music in early 2011. More details about the split CD will be announced soon.”