Antonio Lyons / Press

“Performing amongst different bands and Artists in genres ranging from hip–hop to reggae, soul and traditional African music, the Miami-raised artist was grateful for the opportunity to bring the beats and soul of his home in South Africa to Harlem, alongside percussionist Adeyinka Adebola.”

“We Dance We Pray is one of the most interesting and intricate albums I have heard this year, so if you want to hear something original and interesting, I’d highly suggest that you check the album out.”

“His stage presence is magnetic, his lyrics spellbounding. He needs to share this talent with the world, it’s that beautiful, that important.”

“We Dance We Pray (Soul Candi)/ Antonio Lyons He is a prolific poet and here he combines words with minimalistic instruments for an album rich with ethno beats...the words are beautifully written and the arrangements complement everything. 8/10”

“Now antonio shows us the musical side of his talent with this 12-track offering – a fine concoction of deep afro chants featuring his distant vocals. The track Sugar Foot has already featured on a number of deep house albums. A self produced album worth every cent in your wallet! ”

“Indeed, We Dance We Pray is what I would call great quality music that is likely to stay in the public eye for some time. With this project, it is safe to say that the brother has really gone all out to put together a release that will not only claim him a spot in the music scene, but also earn him more respect for his take on music.”

“ Play gives voice to traditionally silent males”

“Musician, poet, dancer, activist, cook, teacher. Antonio Lyons is the epitome of multi-tasking. Lesley Mofokeng picks the brain of this man of many skills.”

"Taking into consideration his artistic success, I would say Antonio is a humble being who seems to be in harmony with his adopted home; a man who knows who he is, where he is going and acknowledges the fruits that accompany effort."

"His music, though, is as eclectic as his lifestyle. Borrowing from jazz, hip-hop and house, his songs are a fusion of sounds that he calls “fujasoul­”."

"This was one of the best albums to come out last year. It has taken the local floetry genre to new highs by embracing other popular music genres. I’ll recommend it for anyone who likes to try out something new. — Lindile Sifile"

“On the very same album, the Mothiba boys also feature their old friend who is well known for his mesmerizing poetry, Antonio Lyons.”

"Their fly groove rap hook-up with poet Antonio Lyons on "My House" proves that the best parties always have a purpose."

"Antonio Lyons, popularly known for his poetry, takes the title track Blue Bass to another level by contributing fluid verse. It sounds like poetry in motion. Nice one!"

"To date, this song and poem writer has fast became the favourite of many industry players who acknowledge his creativity when it comes to songwriting and lyrical composition as well as his performance ability behind the microphone, which sounds like poetry in motion."

"One of the most striking things about Antonio Lyons – aside from his phenomenal talent – is the total disconnect between the electric performer onstage and the gentle, almost self-effacing person off-stage."

“The We Dance We Pray album is his second and more than just a house offering.... On this CD he skillfully manages to take the art of storytelling to new heights while fusing African, soul, funk, gospel, dance and jazz elements into a cohesive whole.... Antonio’s vocals ride a musical wave, broadcasting messages of truth and hope.”

“TTIPPLE DOSE IS FEW HOURS FROM NOW... "Onikeku has been creating We dance We pray, a provocative ensemble piece for eight dancers, a violinist, cellist, vocalist and percussionist. The work interrogates the blurring between the dancer’s professional and private persona, and was inspired by multifaceted American actor Antonio David Lyons’s 2011 album We dance We pray..."”