Antonia Vai / Press

"manages to capture a haunting vibe without sacrificing melody"

King of A&R

"incredibly excited about her"


"Vai has publicly expressed emotions that others may try to hide"

John Kirwan / Music Review Unsigned

“Antonia Vai is a magnificent storyteller, who gives you a spiritual striptease and explosions of energy. She connects sharp rhytms with unexpected melodies. You have to hear this!”

Nordische Musik

"Antonia Vai surprises with captivating mellow easy listening songs as well as taunting and psychic over the top outbursts of emotion. Vai has an impressive voice, characteristic vocal work such as Winehouse, but always with timid and fragile undertone much in the vein of Katie Melua, and even Norah Jones. Perhaps you can compare her to Bjork, but in a completely opposite musical direction."

Edwin van Hoof / UnRated Magazine

“Innovative and unique. It’s acoustic, with guitar and congas, and beautiful harmonies blended together in catchy rhytms. Antonia Vais voice is different and full of emotions – I don’t think I’ve heard anything like this before. The way she plays with her voice and the melodies, it kind of resembles Regina Spektor, but Antonia still manages to find her complete own style.”


"So, is there room for another Swedish singer in my musical affections? If her name is Antonia Vai then the answer is yes."

Bluesbunny Music Reviews

"I promise you that you will have a great musical journey with Antonia Vai. She is truly a great Lady Indie artist who knows how to seduce through her music a public, in a whole wide audience."

"Alle Lieder haben unglaubliche Power und transportieren richtig viel Gefühl und Stimmung durch einzigartige Melodien - immer wechselnd zwischen Melancholie und Hoffnung."

"Sie pendelt sich irgendwo ein zwischen Folk und Soul, Chanson und Jazz, Rock und Pop. Ihre Stimme hat all das und klingt dabei so genial intensiv und gleichzeitig nach lässigem Understatement. Antonia Vai ist ein Erlebnis."

““Antonia Vais whole presence. There’s something about her. Something primordial. She’s the ancestress of every soul. The first time I saw her on stage just strengthened this thought. The way she moves to music, and communicates with the audience could be the guide for finding God. You think I’m in love with her? Wait ‘til you see her sing!””

Dori Varga Collection

““wunderbare Musik””

Berlin ist Bunt

"Antonia Vai är en artist helt utan konkurrens. Hon är i en klass för sig. Oavsett om hon skriver en låt på svenska eller engelska så blir det fulländat. Det är poesi, både text- och musikmässigt."

Tim Sterner

"Vai truly standouts with her unique vocal styling. Possessing a definitive grit and sonic power, she channels an Amy Winehouse, Tori Amos, and Ani DiFranco vibe."

Cori Spelling

"Sångerska och låtskrivare i världsklass"

Dr Indie / Blaskan

"I just fell in love with her voice and with the songs. Deep, relaxing but also haunting."

L'ora del Randagio

"Fascinating songs sung with a passion"

Peter Clitheroe / Suffolk 'n' Cool

"I absolutely love her voice. She's amazing!"

John Golden / Madcap Music Review

"certainly has her own way of mixing vibes from Björk, soul and folk music influences from around the world"

Par Berglund / Meadowmusic

"Nyskapande och unik"


"One of the most brilliant storytelling songs I ever heard in my life" (43 seconds to Hiroshima)

Brea Guettner / Old Man and Bitter Girl podcast

"Antonia Vai ist eine meisterhafte Geschichtenerzählerin, zwischen Trauer und Hoffnung, zwischen Seelen-Striptease und Energie-Explosion, eine Musikerin, die tolle Rhythmen perfekt mit außergewöhnlichen Melodien koppelt, die von Verlust und Alleinsein, von Einsamkeit und abgerissenen Verbindungen, von Isolation und unerreichbarer Liebe singt."

Radio Okerwelle

"She has a beautiful voice and unusual and haunting music"