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“I recently found this cool female-fronted hard rock band out of New York City on Facebook and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to write about them. I mean, after all, they are from NYC, and everything in NYC is cool! Anyway, I’m talking about the band Thornes. I accidentally stumbled across them on a friend’s page, and after giving them a listen, I wondered how I’ve never heard of them before. So, I logged onto reverbnation.com/antoinettemichaelthornes to give Thornes a listen, and I was blown away with singer Antoinette Michael Thornes’ vocal work on songs like her new track, “Mary,” “Falling Down” and “For Keeps.” All I can say is, “Wow!” But then, as I did my research on Thornes, I discovered a story about Antoinette that was absolutely astonishing! The girl got into a bad accident that almost cost Antoinette her singing abilities. For years, she wrote music for others (but she’d keep some for herself), developing a style that became more and more her o”

“Pure Rock from the NYC area with a highly talented vocalist Antoinette. The first song For Keeps automatically grabs your attention, the album has great production, clear and well balanced. Fortune's Fool, catchy guitar riffs and involved bass lines. Are These Tears?, great sound on the guitars, warm tone and perfect pitch on the solos. Detroit Hustle, high praise on the bass, very hard driven song and probably my favorite so far. Between You &Me, has a bluesy feel and I am enjoying it very much, you can hear some dual vocals on this track. Gaslight, I am hearing a Led Zeppelin influence on this song which is a very good thing. Always, has beautiful acoustic guitar work, very pristine sound and vocals paint a beautiful landscape of harmony. Someday, great lyric content and sung with deep emotion. So many different aspects of rock n roll been projected on this album leave me wondering what the next album will sound like, one thing for sure the vocals are unique and will stay with me!”

“The whole album is really good and its one of those rare items that have a lot going on beneath the surface and just gets better and better the more you listen!”

“The track, “For Keeps,” starts things off with its big electric guitar and strong drum beats style. Antoinette vocals wrap around each note played with a rock n’ roll fiery edge. “Falling Down,” is a hard driving rock anti-war, while not anti-solider, track. “Detroit Hustle,” is one of the album’s less serious fun tracks. It’s one of those driving in your car on a warm summer night with the pedal to the metal songs. The last song I want to mention is the closing track, “When It’s Raining,” that offers up a change of pace jazz/blues mix. Review Tagline: It was lucky for all of us that Antoinette Michael Thornes was able to regain her singing voice so that she had an outlet to share all of the great songs that she’s written.”

“Today, we’re happy to report that Antoinette can sing again, and along with her band mates (Bernardo Rodriguez, Abel Garcia and CJ Calafiore) has formed Thornes, a primal rock n’ roll squad that’s here to melt your face off. The NYC band has released an EP called Issues, filled with what Antoinette says is “really heartfelt music that can not only be related to, but also entertain. I’ve got something to say and I think the message can be understood in my music…it’sfilled with soul, maturity and wisdom of love lost and found and lessons learned.” Check out Issues ASAP”

“I feel that the nuanced style that is achieved through the entirety of Issues will keep listeners focused in and eagerly anticipating more. I believe that the cohesion that is present with these tracks makes for an album that sticks with listeners long after When It’s Raining wraps up. Falling Down is an early hit for Thornes, but is able to establish the sort of energy that Thornes needs to keep listeners focused in through the balance of the album. With this in place, Issues becomes one of the best albums that we have heard this year. ”

“It used to be that female rock singers were a dime-a-dozen. For the most part they imitated GRACE, JONI, PATTI, BONNIE, SUZI, DEBBIE and JOAN and repeated with little variation. The 80s rise of Alternative music and the 90s Riot Grrl gave us a few more unique voices, but not too much depth. Once in a singer such as ANTOINETTE MICHAEL THORNES comes along and reinterprets a classic style in an original way and with a lot of heart. Issues is definitely an album to pick-up if you like singer-songwriters with a whole lot of soul. We’ll be looking out for ANTOINETTE MICHAEL THORNES on tour in the near future.”

“For New York rocker, Antoinette Michael Thorne, her 12-track album Issues was the album that almost wasn’t. After moving to New York, an untimely accident crushed the lifelong singer’s larynx and for the next four years, several specialists couldn’t seem to fix her broken voice. In May of 2010, she finally had the necessary surgery and was singing a mere three months later. Her first full-length album is the story of that struggle.“Falling Down” opens to vintage chug guitar work and Thorne putting the biting rasp away in place of a melodic lyrical delivery. However at the close of the verse work she proves she can still maintain vocal control and sustain notes at her upper range. The album is clean in its production but still maintains raw grit that adds honesty to the tracks without sounding contrived. Very happy for Thorne and her recovery. Also glad this album isn’t the one that got away.”

“Before diving into this review, it is important to not just what all Antoinette Michael Thornes went through to make this album. While this writer/listener makes no claim in having interviewed Thornes, after reading the official biography, the pain and suffering she must have went through just to sing again is remarkable. An accident (though not known what kind) crushed her larynx and she lost her ability to sing for many years. Just as a healthcare provider often has a heart-string pulling story as to why he or she entered that particular field, these songs come from a place very few can understand. Antoinette fought for her voice in music. This writer really enjoyed listening to Issues. The mood and brightness in songs like "Always" and "Now or Never" were surprising. What this writer/listener expected involved more gut-wrenching lyrics and anger; instead, the inspiring story still seems to being written. Overall, the best track still has to be Detroit Hustle a really fun track!”

“New York based Singer/Songwriter Antoinette Michael Thornes and her band Thornes just released her latest album entitled Issues in 2012. Issues by Antoinette Michael Thornes clearly proves she is a force to be reckoned with. This artist will make all the old school rockers like myself smile as there’s noting like a guitar toting blonde in faded blue jeans that can still rock you all night long The guitar has bite, the bass an drum rhythms have serious low end groove, the songs are all short and sweet musical experiences, and the overall production is solid. But make no bones about it the primary focus here should be up front, on the female standing there - Antoinette Michael Thornes. She’s got the charisma, the pipes, the persona, the writing skills, the look, the sound and she plays a mean rhythm guitar. If he just so happened to write all this music - well she could be bigger than any of realize at the moment. All in all it makes for a deadly combination indeed.”

“We just got our hands on a copy of Issues by New York City's own Antoinette Michael Thornes. It is a seductive and soulful album that brings back the sounds of primal Rock'n'Roll at it's best! With a powerful voice and stage presence she encompasses years of musical experience and ability playing it. This CD is dark, crisp and filled with soul. She's backed by band members including Abel Garcia on Lead Guitar and backing vocals, Chris Calafiore on Bass and Backing Vocals and Diana Varga on drums. Check out their site on Reverbnation. Hey why don't you find her band Thornes on Facebook and let her know what you think!”

“Antoinette Michael Thornes...Issues is a seductive soulful vocal album with a tight band..what more can you ask for? It's not metal, but this does rock! I have but one disappointment..the CD cover I received mentioned 12 songs..the CD I got was a 4 song EP, but that meant I was able to hear Fortune's Fool & Detroit Hustle much quicker and more often. I have some thoughts as to who and what the band sounds like..but I think you should make your own decision.. ***Okay now just me...I love the CD! It reminds me of 80's rock..felt some Quaterflash and Natalie Merchant (if she had a soul ; ) even some Candace Night..you have a great voice, and the band is very good. I like to keep my reviews simple & stupid. In these days of short attention span theatre..best of luck!! Rich And the answer...yes. I would marry you in a Fool's Paradise”

Rich Orth - AEA Zine