Antique Animals / Press

“There's something sort of mysterious and engaging about the man with the plan, Joe Shuck, who gives intimate performances with or without his acoustic guitar, as he stands in the center of a powerful cocktail of keyboards, trumpet, electric guitar, and one of the tightest bass and drum combos I've seen here or anywhere else.”

“Though this is a relatively large band, Antique Animals is a minimalist ensemble at its core. Each member plays his part, never over-reaching or showing off. Everything is in its place here, serving the song, pushing the lyric, giving [Joe] Shuck the space he needs to tell his stories.”

“eu Jacksonville monthly: It seems like the music scene in Jax is on an uphill climb. How do you feel about this? Owen Holmes of Gospel Music: Does that mean it’s getting better or worse? I saw Antique Animals a while back and was very impressed, if not a little jealous. ”

“The magical lyrics, combined with the perfect melodies, are so catchy that you are guaranteed to leave a show happily humming.”

Emily Moody - eu Jacksonville monthly

“...the musical background this band poses is more than enough to give mention.”

Red Fthr - Void North Florida Culture Magazine