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“Bursting with life, that’s how Oakland’s Antioquia opens up to the listener, like a ripe, succulent orange whose skin strains, opens and spills juice. Their latest, Viajero, is such sweet fruit, a pleasure that nourishes and makes one want to smash one’s face into their pulp.”

“Antioquia is a new voice in Neuvo Colombian music that is not afraid to cross borders, musical boundaries, and leave listeners reeling for more.”

“Antioquia’s let it all hang out attitude is one of the biggest driving forces behind the success of Viajero. As with all great traits, it has the potential to be their undoing on occasion as well. On balance, however, Viajero flirts with brilliance throughout, dancing on the edge of failure and success where magic sometimes happens.”

“The Bay Area scene is well represented by Antioquia, a quintet that draws inspiration of Afro-Colombian roots matriarch Toto La Momposina as much as Fela...Antioquia applies a pan-American perspective to Afro-Latin grooves. They also wield an absurdist sense of humor. The band’s last album “My Piano Ate the Front Page of the San Francisco Chronicle,” is as full of mischievous musical mayhem as the title promises.”

“From Dirty Impound's Best Albums of 2010: Revolutions that dance succeed. SF’s Antioquia possess a distinct socio-political bent but shimmy about like kids on Pixie sticks and Kool-Aid as they prod and peel away at entrenched infrastructures. Echoes of Fela, Pere Ubu and Talking Heads ping around in their sound, but none so much to overshadow the original voice rising in this young band. Where headlines scream of bloodshed and despair, Antioquia shouts back something brighter, a blaze born of humanity’s innate vitality and drive towards freedom, connection and purpose.”

"Antioquia's music is like a wild and fantastic expedition...Audience members would be advised to come equipped with an adventurous spirit and a curious mind."

“Very unexpected, this. Think Santana in a psychedelic African jungle with a detour down a Bolivian back street, and one gets a glimpse of the magical soundscapes of this Bay Area what-have-you quartet. Whether or not their instrument devoured a newspaper, or their collective decibel-dog ate their musical homework is beside the point. What does matter is that the music is sophisticated and memorable without being distant and aloof.”

“There's some profound shit going inside My Piano… but you could also fuck like a beast to it. Politics and social inquiry are rarely so mouthwatering, and it's a safe bet Fela, Gil Scott-Heron and Sun Ra would LOVE this.”

“Picture psychedelic funk guitar riffs and bass-lines masticating Afro-Colombian and island percussion, and you either have exactly the right idea or a wildly unnecessary mental image.”

"The album is filled with ready to rock-out fixtures, and it's all fit for a feel good time."

“This honest and eclectic album [My piano...] is unpredictable from beginning to end, showcasing a hodgepodge of energetic, dance-worthy melodies. The raw and gritty vibrato of Mana Maddy’s voice are accentuated in tracks like “Human Do” and “DMV”, while the title track and “Police Brutality” are indicative of their more politically-driven lyricism.”

"The four- piece combines Afro-Cuban and West African influences, good old rock ‘n’ roll and socially conscious, bitingly observant lyricism to create a live powerhouse."

“For fans of complex but danceable rhythms (somewhere along the lines of Mars Volta meets Manu Chao), wherever Antioquia is playing is most definitely the place to be...”

Adam Leech - Colorado Springs Independent

“Antioquia, a very cool band from the San Francisco Bay area on Tuesday, [will play Norb Andy's] June 22. These California dreamers and social workers infuse rock-jazz jams into Colombian-based rhythms for an incredible dance and music experience.”

"Even those who don't like this kind of music may be attracted to its upbeat, charming, and cleverly witty songs. Antioquia would make a great party soundtrack — its music brings a smile to your face, and should get even the grouchiest butt out on the dance floor."

"Bay Area experimental group Antioquia has made an album worth noticing... ...Burning with the raw, ardent energy of Primus while simultaneously washing over listeners with Fugees-like earthy coolness, Gringolandia is a wild ride through the center of the earth and into the depths of the soul."

“Named after a prime coffee growing section of the Andes in Columbia, Antioquia was vast, rangy and honestly punky, shooing boogiemen from under our beds and making a Friday night audience step lighter than they did upon entry. Excellent wind-up for the main event and a real find...”

"Antioquia sounds like a secret agent drugged, then guided through dense tropical forest by a politically frustrated siren; introduced to tribes and given quick lessons in each of their indigenous ritual dances and grooves along the way."

Alexander Olsen of Conduit - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“With a willfully eclectic sensibility, Antioquia prides itself on lively experimentation that never forgets the dance floor. It's hard not to get up and move to the band's infectious music...”

Paul Davis - Metro Santa Cruz