Anthony Zsler / Press

“Keeling is one of those rare artists who can enter any type of musical situation and make it his own. He has done it in projects by Blue Murder, Yngwie Malmsteen, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and so many others. This disc is a tribute to Keeling featuring compositions written or inspired by him. And some of Keeling’s frequent collaborators, like Appice, bassist Tony Franklin and guitarist Marty Paris, show the love on this comprehensive and eclectic mix. “Perfect Day” spotlights soaring harmonies by Anthony Z’sler and “Rising of the Snake” is a Dokken-like track featuring Park Sipes. There is also a funky world-beat offering and new age-type ballad that suggest Keeling’s work reflects more than just a one trick pony.”

"Perfect Day" is the perfect example of this. It features former Keeling bandmates Carmine Appice & Tony Franklin, famous for The Firm with Jimmy Page & Paul Rodgers, who also provides the real key to the song with a melodic bass line with his distinctive fretless bass playing. I don't think I ever heard what a distinctive style he has like I do here now. I, of course, remember him from the Firm, but he's come so far since then & honed in the rough edges. Also on this song are new faces Anthony Z'sler on acoustic guitar & vocals, whose a voice is one to pay attention to in the future, & as arranger deserves special kudos