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“(About On My Way Home) This song sounds soft, quiet, and very emotionally alluring in the beginning, like the start of either a christian gospel song, or the start of a slow, passionately heart felt classical Golden Oldies kind of christian song. His vocals really sound so peacefully elegant, and rhythmically heart warming, and consistently well shaped and strong, musically”

“(About On My Way Home) A piano that starts of creating this rhythm, i think the piano is the backbone to this song. The singer is amazing, he has a voice that makes you want to listen to more. Unbelievable singer. The piano and singer is all that is needed for a song that will definitely get exposure and marketing it needs to support it in the wild world. People like songs like this over romantic meals. An awesome and gigantic mixture of voice and piano make a loving combination”

“(About On My Way Home) This intro takes me back to the openings of Elton John or Billy Joel which is of high caliber. Excellent piano work and the tempo is just right for the flow of the lyrics. Strong vocal performance that invites the audience into the setting. I would recommend this”

“(About On My Way Home) Nice old time piano feel to it. His voice came in hard and powerful really beating out good notes. Really nice soul feel that this song gives off. His voice really is impressive though. I give it an 8 solely on his voice. Amazing.”

“(About On My Way Home) Smooth easy piano beat that starts the song off. The vocals come in and just blow you away there so calm collected and peaceful. This artist really does have a gifted voice. The melody is just so soothing and comforting. Very heart warming and just a homey type relaxed feeling this song brings. Amazing and great potential for this artist.”

“Anthony, just listened - I love all three songs you have posted on your site. So rich, so authentic. They really don't write songs like this anymore. Keep doing what you are doing, my friend! Hope to meet you in person one day.”

Eric Whitacre - Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor

“(About On My Way Home) I really LOVED the song SO MUCH! Your voice is REALLY fantastic and I LOVED the song!”

Othalie Graham - World Famous Operatic Soprano

“I LOOOOVE IT!! Your voice is BEAUTIFUL!!!”

Othalie Graham - World Famous Operatic Soprano

“Winnacunnet's Anthony Grant brought the house down with his solo in the WHS Chamber Singers' performance of "Shower the People You Love with Love." A standing ovation of thunderous applause from his peers filled the gym in response to his animated presentation.”

“Noted soul singer Anthony Grant will provide a benefit performance at the James House, 186 Towle Farm Road, Hampton, on Sept. 21 during the James House Harvest Festival. Anthony has performed at Carnegie Hall, Disney Land, The Kennedy Center, Times Square-N.Y., Washington D.C., The Teatro di Virona-Italy, The City of Pompei-Italy, and the Vatican-Rome Italy.”

“Anthony Grant, 18, of Hampton, is a big man. Big, as in Luciano Pavarotti big, the kind of person whose voice and presence fill a stage.”