Defina / Press

“Super Sexy Anthony Defina(Defina for short) has taken his home country by storm and is racking up many chart topping hits including "It's All About Sex" and "Pornstar" to name a few.”

“Defina delivered strong vocals for the futuristic club stomper 'Go A little deeper'.The fusion of Anthony's distinctive harmonies and killer future inspired space age synths,this track speeds up the tempo of the Pulse project to great effect. Looking forward to working with Anthony again real soon. A true professional and talented Australian artist who is ready to take the pop world by storm.VisionX have recently remixed Go A Little Deeper to perfection! ”

“Melbourne artist Defina has been slowly but surely making a name for himself throughout the local pOp/dance community through the release both physically and digitally of his 'It's All About Sex' EP, the title track of which caught the ear of programmers within the Austereo network. One of the tracks featured on the EP is this - 'Pornstar', which Anthony has decided will be the lead single proper from his forthcoming album 'Sex VS Religion'. You can also keep an eye on his OFFICIAL MYSPACE to keep track of when the album is due to drop and to listen to other tracks. But in the meantime, get your peepers around the clip to the single 'Pornstar' - where the singer is joined in the back of a stretch limousine by two saucy minxes and a beefy bodyguard with one BIG discoball. ”

“There are plenty of singer/songwriters who have a stab at it and precious few who break through. That’s doubly so in the dance music scene where the formulaic approach is often misinterpreted as simplistic. But crafting a dance track with a real hook that connects is no mean feat. Melbourne singer/songwriter" Defina" seems to be doing something right. On the verge of releasing his debut album, Sex Vs Religion, Defina is not only getting traction overseas (he’s recently signed a lucrative publishing deal with Royalty Network, N.Y., U.S.A.) but thanks to airplay on community radio stations such as Joy FM 94.9 and Kiss FM he has a loyal local fan base. ”

“Garrett Bithell meets Defina, the Melbourne singer-songwriter mixing sex and religion. Melbourne singer-songwriter Defina may at first glance appear to be an over-styled piece of pop fluff. But peel away the surface layers, beyond the tweezed eyebrows and dubiously posed promo shots, and a man of genuine integrity and intrigue is revealed. ”