Another Pearl Harbor / Press

“Another Pearl Harbor sounds like a three-piece guitar oriented rock band with a big sound. Light and airy at times yet razor sharp at others. The music takes you on a journey through sub-genres layered with ambient echoes and bluesy juiciness. The music should evoke the mind as it aims to inspire.”

“ANOTHER PEARL HARBOR: Closing out the night and the Overflow Fest, then, there’s Another Pearl Harbor, who veer somewhat away from the preceding two bands to follow a route that’s more traditionally rock-band-like, but hey, I’ve got no problem with that. The band’s loud and nicely noisy at points, bombastic and arena-sized like the Deftones and angry and confrontational like mid-period Soundgarden (to the point where I keep expecting Chris Cornell to come roaring in on “The Bends”), but with a weirdly Parts & Labor-esque rawness to it, which I’m liking quite a bit. There’s also a seriously hazy, drifting, atmospheric-rock thing going on, too, and that’s never a bad thing in my book; it makes me think of Co-Pilot, or maybe a less-fragile Explosions in the Sky. Give ‘em a listen:”

“These guys have been at the grind a last few year but it hasn’t been until this year that they’ve started on all engines. Between playing countless shows at the “it” venue for Houston locals(SCOUT BAR) to getting a chance to play a showcase on a bigger stage at House of Blues the guys in Another Pearl Harbor have definitely started get moves made. I’ve had the fortunate chance to know these guys and even play with Jacob(drummer) in the past so I can tell you first hand it’s a great group of dudes to know so their time coming is a long time coming to a great band. With this you could imagine it was pretty easy to get the guys session done with know problem. They’ve been nominated for the TEXAS BUZZ AWARDS so make sure after you check the images you go vote for them. Well them and my great indie friends Elbodo!”