Another Lost Year / Press

“The four band members of “Another Lost Year” including Lincoln County resident and lead singer Clinton Cunanan may have only established themselves as a rock group a little more than a year ago, but the band has already found overnight success and made famous industry connections in addition to being voted earlier this month at the Charlotte Music Awards as the “Best New Rock Band of Charlotte.””

““Another Lost Year,” featuring guitarist and singer Adam Hall of Mooresville, recently was named “Best New Rock Band of Charlotte" at the Charlotte Music Awards."”

"A new, explosive force in the local scene, Another Lost Year brought out soulful rock vocals with strong harmonies to soar over late ‘90s-style guitar riffs. There were a few songs where the guitar parts stood out as interesting, but mostly it was Clinton Cunanan’s vocally dynamic choruses that really make this band worth seeing. The backing vocals add a lot to the mix, though, as few hard rock bands in Charlotte have a strong backup singer who can do on-key harmonies, and Adam Hall is a powerhouse on the second mic for Another Lost Year...."

"The album “Better Days” is being released by Greenville, SC's Thermal Entertainment in conjunction with Megaforce Records, the company that released Metallica’s first recordings. Anthrax and Bad Brains’ latest albums also bear the Megaforce logo. Justin Rimer from 12 Stones produced the record and it sounds tailor-made for new rock stations like WEND 106.5."