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“Welcome to Another Door, please welcome Mike Smith as our new drummer.”

Welcome New Drummer

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“You can find our music on iTunes, Amazon, EMusic, Napster and Rhapsody. Check it out and start downloading.”

Another Door - CD Released

“Check out our store, click the link....Go ahead you know you want to.”

“Want to give a warm thank you to all our fans. Thanks you, you guys are great, we love you all. Keep listening and rock out. Thanks again.”

Another Door - Thanks you

“Visit www.myspace.com/anotherdoor or www.reverbnation.com/anotherdoor and view our store of lots of goodies, music, ring tones, and cloths.”

Another Door - Store

“If you like our sound and would like us to play at your venue, drop us a email with the date and time. We are open up to rock the house, so let us know, thanks. ”