Annie Robinette / Press

“So give thanks on turkey day. Dump the green on black Friday. Then sit back and love life one tune at a time courtesy of Robinette. She can sing like a bird on a wire. Just one sip of a song from the captivating Robinette, and it’ll be cheers indeed.”

Tom Netherland - The Bristol Herald Courier

"Mother. Dancer. Artist. Actress. Musician. What do you say about a woman who excels at literally everything she fancies? From practically birth Robinette was playing piano, guitar and banjo by ear. With her album, Last July, this Bristol native and wildly creative singer/songwriter expresses herself as honestly and skillfully as Carole King and Carly Simon did in their day. Her song 'As Needed for Pain' could have easily been ripped from the diary of any current Hollywood starlet: 'Take this one today to keep you on your feet / take that one tonight if you can't fall asleep / and take all these to keep you from going insane / take three to four daily as needed for pain.' Robinette is among the top tier of female artists performing in our region today." Charlene Tipton, Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion

The Bristol Herald Courier