Annie Kennedy / Press

“It’s easy to get swamped by the sea of faceless, bland singer/songwriters who pass through the office. Annie Kennedy, however, hit a crucial nerve with Highway Songs, a mix of contemporary country braced with a dollop of folksy pop and bits of driving rock. Sprinkled with a swinging kick, Kennedy’s sprightly vocals prance along with the half-time waltz in “Gettin’ Over You,” recalling June Carter Cash. Her spirited musicianship shines through in the soaring “Again And Again” with precise and nimble playing that carries her message of perseverance.”

“Her songs can be contemplative or upbeat, she said. She uses her songs to tell stories of what's going on in her lives, her friends' lives and what's going on in the world around her.”

“Former Harvard resident Annie Kennedy has fond memories of attending Milk Day parades during her childhood. Now the accomplished country singer/songwriter is returning to northern Illinois for two festive performances at a Woodstock apple orchard.”

“As a singer, Kennedy shines best when performing modern-day traditional Country, and she sounds ready to take on the world on songs like “Pull Me Under” and the title cut.”

“With her determination and passion for the craft, that future is looking bright for Kennedy.”

“...Kennedy believes ... those who put in the time can continue to be successful for a long time. And it seems to be paying off.”

“Annie Kennedy may not speak with a good-old-girl accent, but her ability to sing a heart-felt ballad with a bit of a country twang has put her on the road to Nashville.”

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