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“Annie Allman has been chosen as an artist on our website at Benedetto Guitars. She performs regularly in Savannah, Hilton Head and the Low Country. She owns and plays a Bravo Deluxe, Bambino Deluxe, 40th Anniversary Bambino and THE Pat Martino Prototype.”

“Gregg Allman reveals what drew him to his adopted city of Savannah. Q&A BY CATHERINE ARNOLD SIMPLICITY FOUND, IN SAVANAH Along with his dogs and in-house recording studio, Gregg Allman has lived just outside of Savannah since 1999, when he relocated from San Francisco. Having grown up in Nashville and Daytona Beach, the move to Savannah signaled a return to his Southern roots. Best known as the lead singer, organist and principle songwriter for the Allman Brothers Band, founded by his brother Duane in 1969, Allman has enjoyed a parallel solo career nearly from the beginning. He currently tours with his band Gregg Allman & Friends. Where do you refuel your music? Annie Allman, my distant cousin, owns the music store Annie’s Guitars. I go there if I need strings or equipment for the studio. Incidentally, besides owning a music store, Annie’s a real good player; she does drums and bass. Last time we played at the auditorium, she sat in and played drums with us. ”

“Annie Allman shreds on her ax. By Skirt.com, Friday, October 26, 2007 It’s a last name that most music lovers recognize, and Annie holds no acrimony towards her famous relative. “We’re distant cousins, but we’re really good friends.” An accomplished guitarist and drummer, Annie is a pillar of the local music scene and recently opened a swank new store and rehearsal space on Broughton Street. Come hear her perform at the skirt! PMS party Nov. 8 (see page 19 for details.) 2 things you don’t know about me: •My first name is actually “Christine.” But don’t you dare ever call me that. •I’m holding one of my own guitars; we just came out with the line this year. All of them are locally built, handmade and completely unique. Annie Allman shreds on her ax. By Skirt.com, Friday, October 26, 2007”