Annette Hills / Press

““I loved the CD! It is a rich blend of music and so easy to listen to. Annette Hills has a lovely voice. She can present most any melody that she chooses to record. I highly recommend this music CD to everyone.” ”

Claire Schaefer, Owner & Publisher - Queenship Publishing

"Annette's voice and selection of songs encourage reflection and prayer."

"Annette Hills Sings" Album - I was drawn to the original pieces in their messages of our need of ongoing centeredness in our faith.....amazing piano work that compliments her voice very well. Ms. Hills has used her musical gifts for most of her life having her first solo at the age of 8 with "O Holy Night." Highlights of this particular CD include "My Dear Child" which draws from the messages of our Blessed Virgin Mother at Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina telling of the need for conversion of hearts to our savior, Jesus Christ. My personal favorite was an upbeat number titled "Moment of the Day." Gentle percussion background is a wonderful addition in this song that tells of living for today, having faith and trusting in our Lord to lead our way. I feel that this CD would appeal to all ages.

Sally Bolderson by Jim Logue, Jr. - Grape Vine - GVOnline.Net