Anne Hills / Press

“Every Time, though arguably the best-known of the disc’s choices, here receives a truly standout, intimate voice-and-piano reading from Anne. ”

Dan Kidman - http://www.netrhythms.co.uk

“As I type, the concluding cut plays, the beautiful "Every Time," first appearing on a mid-1960s Elektra album. I haven't heard it in quite a while, and it is a joy to be reunited with it. Even more happily, Hills's reading is perfectly pitched and immensely moving. I've heard many Paxton songs over the years, but (to the best of my recall, anyway) only a few of these. Of those I recognize, I am pleased to note that Hills's interpretations do what only the most accomplished manage to do: fashion readings that stand on their own. In other words, they don't generate an all-too-typical response to tribute material: well, this is nice, but why should I listen to it when the original is available? Hills makes Paxton's material lovingly and memorably her own. ”


“The real showstopper is the last track, “Every Time” which is just Anne with Scott’s piano. That one track is a recording for the ages and reason enough to buy the entire CD. ”

Rich Warren - WFMT, Midnight Special Radio

“The Things I Notice Now: Anne Hills Sings the Songs of Tom Paxton (Appleseed). This is an excellent set of some of the finest songs written by one of our finest songwriters – sung by one of our finest interpretive singers. Tom Paxton joins Anne for three duets. ”

Mike Regenstreif - http://frfb.blogspot.ca

“One of the most glorious voices in all of contemporary folk music.”

The Chicago Tribune

“A stunning soprano tone has made Anne Hills one of contemporary music’s premiere vocalists ... Her knack for writing heartfelt songs [has] brought her to the upper echelon of her craft.”

AllMusic Guide

“Almost every album she’s ever made – whether as an interpretive singer or singer-songwriter; or as a solo or collaborative artist – is a favourite of mine. Her first solo album in more than a decade devoted primarily to original material, these songs are direct, melodic and deep.”

“She’s manifestly still on such good vocal form, her precise tone and heartfelt delivery giving her images exactly the degree of presence and focus they deserve.”

“Points of View marks a welcome return of this perceptive wordsmith. Four Stars.”

Arthur Wood - Maverick

“Singer-songwriter/actress Hills is best exploring the melodic turns of dark ballads and has a knack for natural metaphors that reflect inner conundrums.”

Bliss - Pasadena Weekly

“After a bunch of detours around the board, Hills returns to her own originals and delivers a timely folk pop outing for those that like to think along with their folk. The old time spirit of Joan Baez is alive and well.”

Chris Spector - Midwest Record

“Points of View is quintessentially Anne, and it's a winner.”

Gary Tuber - Chicago Folk Music Examiner

“A singer of superb vocal purity ... she gives songs a life of their own. Anne Hills could sing the week’s cable listings and make them sound marvelous.”

Martin Keller - Minnesota Monthly

“On her new album Bittersweet Street, Anne proves that her writing is as strong and beautiful as her voice.”

Friday Morning Quarterback