Ann-dee / Press

"Spring comes with the hopes and dreams of the future where everything's all right," said the beautiful blonde songstress. "This song {Dance Mayhem} reflects the season as a time for the renewal of energy and the life force through the expression of dance. Be happy, dance all day!'

Staff - Good Times Magazine, issue 1196

" The beautiful blonde songstress Ann-dee is getting to be a Halloween perennial. As a follow-up to "Wicked Halloween Rumble," she has recently released a new song. "Rapping With The Witch," which is available through Amazon..."

"Great article there!" -Ann-dee

"Love Speak" Ann-dee's follow up to " The Fabrique," crazy amazing!"

“I had great fun doing this album, and I believe there’ll be at least one song for every listener to enjoy,” said Ann-dee. (referring to new album, "Love Speak."”

"I like experimenting with sound and I enjoy what I consider a 'driving' sound."

" The fast-rising star worked with one of the area's top music professionals."[referring to Fred Guarino who mastered Ann-dee's " The Fabrique," at Tiki Studios, Glen Cove, N.Y.]