Annastasia Victory / Press

"Annastasia Victory is the extremely talented pianist conductor. Seated onstage, big-band-style, she and her five fellow musicians serve Joseph Joubert's arrangements and orchestrations admirably." - By Naomi Siegel for The New York Times

"The fourth unsung Diva (although she can sing, classically trained at that)... is the pianist AV, or the “Diva of the Keys”... Victory leads the eight-piece band on stage making the production real and organic—so many tributes and covers feel like a bad bout of professional karaoke—not her

"... Annastasia Victory's vocals have a trace of an accent, and that works in her favor. She can move from belting it out to shy schoolgirl in a heartbeat, and admirably covers all points in between." By Bill Ribas for New York Rock - Street Beat

"AñaVañA has recently signed with Zip Records and released their debut CD. They're classified as Reggae, and I guess they are, but not your classic Marley reggae. They have a definite pop flair to them as well. Maybe even ska, as they remind me a little of No Doubt. (...)"

“Annastasia's voice is on fire, not in a Rock & Roll way, but in a torch song way. First-class drums, guitar, bass and piano instrumentation support her vocal prowess. Throw tasteful and competent songwriting into this mix of talent and you have a sound that any A&R person worth their salt should be seriously considering. But then again have you looked at the Billboard charts lately? ”

"Part sassy Debby Harry and part sultry Sade, funky is the word for this debut disc by chameleonic pop singer Annastasia Victory Kuporosova and her reggae-tinged band."

“Sophisticated and musically brilliant… a magnetic hybrid of music… a refreshing 2nd full length record… a distinct sound-from shy to outright strident.”

“About the *RUB* album - "It's mostly instrumental which is cool, but I remember really liking Anastasia Victory's voice on their previous release, the self-titled "AnaVana" so I kind of miss hearing it... Still, a lovely sound. It's hard to pull out favorite tracks because they seem to sort of melt into one another, so I'll just say the whole thing is very pleasing chill out, headphone, or background music.”