Anna Rose / Press

"Anna Rose is a singer-songwriter who balances the grit and attitude of pure American rock ‘n’ roll with gorgeously constructed songs and a softer emotional center."

"You are going to want to get to know New York-based rocker Anna Rose. ...Her dark and deep sound is reminiscent of Heart's Ann Wilson ('Barracuda' and 'Magic Man')."

"... she does it with style."

"Anna Rose is a rare breed: graceful yet forceful, always in command...she might be diminutive standing there on stage, but she puts on a hell of a live show."

" ...the always-entertaining [Anna] Rose."

"A confidence in her voice foretells an ability to stay in the driver¹s seat no matter how rambunctious and rugged or sweet and smooth her musical turns take. Her pretty voice blends in so well with the organ, piano, and acoustic guitar that she has hit maker written all over her."

Bill Copeland - Ctrl Alt Music

"A pop starlet."

LA Music Blog

"Anna Rose is gifted with a deep, full, sexy voice."

National Syndicated Columnist, Stacy Smith