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"On "Kiss My Ass," Pelay blends country, pop and southern rock into a single with serious grit and attitude. Pelay's vocals on the verses convey a woman wronged and angry "fool me once, fool me twice," but when she sings the chorus "you're gonna miss every part of me/kiss my ass good- bye" her vocals convey a different woman-one content with her decision to move on because she values herself and deserves better. "Kiss My Ass" will be released February 1st, an important date for Anjelia as it is the date of her father's (who was her muse) passing from cancer. Pelay is an actress, singer/songwriter, dancer, multi-instrumentalist (she plays piano, auto-harp and banjo on the album)....and a definite one to watch."

"With her new single “Kiss My Ass,” Los Angeles based country rocker Anjelia Pelay gives us a dose of grit with a healthy side of taking chances to present something edgy and very attention grabbing. The edge in the guitars are reminiscent of the classic Southern rock sound and while a song like this is familiar among today’s strong females, the grit in the delivery makes this one stand out on its own. Combine that with a nice breakdown near the end of the song and this is not only a solid tune to capture radio’s attention, but it also allows the room for it to become a live favorite that any rowdy crowd can easily sing or clap along with."

“Anjelia is a talented, emerging singer songwriter - and actress. Her song "A Long Way" is undeniably a very good song with a catchy, interesting melody featuring an inpeccable vocal performance. Considering also the lady's looks, there's potential for a new, slightly more upbeat Lana Del Rey here."”

“As an experienced actress and model, Pelay is no ordinary somber singer-songwriter girl at the guitar, and she's got a multimedia spectacle up her sleeves that promises an evening unlike any other typical local show. In the past year that she's devoted full time to music, besides guest starring frequently in Glen Burtnik's Beatlemania productions, she's sung backup for Patty Smyth, and opened for Jeffrey Gaines and Bess Rogers. The Aquarian dubbed her "worth watching" after one of her early performances in Manhattan, and the Trentonian recently called her a "multi-talented" "statuesque beauty" who is "the total package."”

"I have already heard a few tracks off of Believe, and they are really quite stunning. Anjelia has a beautiful voice and transitions effortlessly from soul to rock to covering Tom Petty's "Walls," and sounds exceptional in everything she does." - Examiner.com