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"Composer Animus Invidious has shared a wealth of custom devices for Ableton Live 9 via the PerforModule series. PerforModule devices include practical and more experimental effects, and range from one-knob "instant"-style trigger effects to more subtle and complex multi-effects. Listen to a sample from a recent Effects Rack, "Vocoverb", which uses Live's Vocoder to get reverb-esque sounds:"

“Killer tunes man!”

“Listening to the draft mastered tracks for my next album and OMG @a_invi made it sound SO good. I cannot wait to share this. But I must.”

“Great music, a real alternative orchestral vision. Love the way you bend sound, filter drum patterns & seem to almost stretch time. Awesome. DMc”

“That's some amazing stuff! Very ethereal and fantastic. Like reading a very trippy sci-fi novel only in sound.”

“diggin the tunes!”

"Amnesia Insulation" is really wild and unique. Great beat and sonic intrigue! Diggin" it!!! Lot of creativity!!!

“sounds great please tell, what are you using to make your beats? I really like the last four tracks ... Morning Drizzle may be one of my favorite tunes of all time .”

“a big fat WOW...nothing but talent oozing out my speakers...bumble.”

“His stuff is like listening to a dream.”

“VERY interesting combination of different musical styles. Some of it remind me of the darker Buckethead work – his ambient stuff that almost no one knows about.”

“Thank you for taking the time to respond. Those vocals on Shifting Sands was really awesome. You definitely have some serious guitar skills. I hope you continue to produce those nice tracks. Keep in touch”

“That drum beat on Jazz Monkey was badass. I liked the glitchy drum samples and complex synth work. I liked that drum beat in Finding Balance. Take care and keep in touch”

“WOW!!! Magnificent ! Outstanding music you played for our yoga for the arts day. Thank You from all of us at Manitou Yoga, I hope we can have you play for us again!! Awesome Animus.”

"ya no doubt super sweet times MO SOON!"

"very cool/chill dood. pretty eyes. thanks for lending me the soxs, real foot saver from all those sticky plants"

"i really like all your stuff"

"your sound is really good d^-^ keep up the good work."

"nice idm...cool melodies and great rhytmical section...very interesting ideas"

"You create some really interesting sounds."

"Dig the new collabo track, sir!"

"Hello aminus invidious. Enjoying "cicada". Nice work here."

"Sweet -- excellent sounds here!"

"what a plethora of sounds!!!"

"sounds sweet. & weird :)"

"great stuff, really lovely!"

"I was playing that track today on the speakers, and my girlfriend just about died. Excellent work."

"Dude. The new acoustic track is very, very packed with the illness. I like it quite a bit. So relaxing, and the progressions sound very natural. Keep it up!"

"Hey man, nice tunes! I dig it!"

"Thanx for not taking me on a drive down the same old road! Very nice view. Exceptional musical interludes down diversions of acoustical genius! Love it!"

"Very creative music. Excellent guitar playing and great sounding recordings."

"i love every song you have on here! i couldn't decide which one to put on my page. can't wait to see you play next wednesday :D"

"nice! great range o styles n sounds... diggin it mang. well cool"

"I like your new song. Great guitar playing and vocal"

""walk with me" is a wonderful sounding creation. thanks for making it downloadable."

"The new song is great. Reminds me of The Legendary Pink Dots"

"I really, really like the last track up there. They were all great, but that one touched me deepest. Cheers."

"Zoinkety doink boink foink clink cloink quoink-a-poink"

"im enjoying listeing to your tunes too the vox on spine change are amazing a lot"

"I really enjoyed the tunes on your website, particularly when you do those crazy things with female vocals...Thanks for putting so many songs on your player!"

"i think tommy is a really great song. i think it really embodies the spirit of losing someone at a time that it didn't seem right to lose them"

"I like the feeling of the music."

"Interesting music. Thank you sincerely for the addition. These sounds tickle the ear and transcends the mind."

"I like the ballads and your overall style."

"really cool sound!!"


"The honorage is reciprocal! Thanks for the jams!!!!"

"holy shit ur music is beautifull"

"GoGirls love animus! Rock on."

"that is pretty amazing!~"

"You've made some lovely songs, send me CD pls. Love Michelle Angella's artwork on the disc. Great new avatar too!"

"yeah!!im loving the new stuff!!! ...your music is TIGHT!!"

"musics really coming along my bruvva"

"Wow-Just dropped by and heard your latest stuff- Stomach Worm is just beautiful!"

"Ya Animus! You guys sounded so freakin' good at Thunder&Buttons last night. Thank you for playing my Blue Monkey tune, you made it sound full and amazing. I hope to play tasty music with you again soon! Ben"

"It was a fantastic and completely new experience"

"Fo sho....Thanks again for the hospitality. Collab or eight....I'm down. Take care."

"Thanks for the fun show/party yesterday /last night!"

"Nice of you to put the Left Brain feature up! Your electronics came out super awesome on all those tracks. Still looking forward to future collab (sometime in this lifetime!)."


"Great stuff you have especially "Mosey mandrose"

"Great work on that guitar!"

"hi i am going to trip out on porpoises for a while...love, nancy"

". . . the mechanics of the clockworks of creation cloaked in the mountain micro-genre of contemporary Coloradelia . . . (if you ask me )

". . . a simian spoor of sonance, sensate, visceral . . . a whirling and whelming vis-a-vis . . . deep and subtly emotive of the days shadow . . . post-decimal . . . a wandering, a wake . . ." - David Anthony Martin

". . . synthesizing and celebrating the weave and play, the ancient and ongoing interpenetra...tion of elements . . . an oneiros of transformation, metamorphosis . . . the gnosis of the sacred moment . . ."

". . . more yummy tech tribe tweets and beats . . . a balance slice of the invisible universe, from the archeozoic to the meta-unified . . . subterranean gaian tectonics with the overlaid mythopoetics of luminous synaptic firing . . ."

“. . .very dreamy animated and luminous, earthen and biotic . . . entymologically syllabic . . . glacially penetrating, lichensian in its poetic texture and yet . . . somehow also . . . i don't know, subtle notes of amphibian joy, microbial kinetics . . . mycelial connectivity . . . "”

“If there was a film about a jellyfish who fell out of the ocean, down into the night sky, these songs would be on the soundtrack."”

“Check out this dudes music... its not only talented work, but itll take you to another place! Find Your Happy Place Today!!!!”

“Animus Invidious set up is amazing! As a tech loving dude, I was in awe with the ingenuity !! BIG UP!!”

"each track is so aptly titled... poke won't leave me alone (in a good way)... tickle is mischievous and fun as hell... and can't get enough of devour - thank you Animus!"

“animus uses 'djing' as a medium; instead of painting or writing he manipulates our ability to perceive sound - and to describe animus as a dj to not even scratch the surface, akin to enjoying jimi hendrix cos he wore wild clothes, you're missing the point”

“Animus invidious releases free 12.12.12 EP”

“Animus has the golden ears. Haha, kinda like a Bond or Dick Tracy villain.”

"You bodied my ep, in a very good way, you are my hero"

“DJ - 1st Place: Animus Invidious”

"It's hard to think of a local deejay with a more unusual approach than Animus Invidious."

"excellent...it's like being immersed in nature...it overcomes you not by the sword, but by the rhythmic syncopation...I also feel machine elves riding through me when I listen to part 3. A mischevious blend of harmonic intonation that brings at-one-ment to the dedicated listener."

“Can't wait to see ya again man. You're shit is always da bestestest!!”

“You are the best DJ EVER!!!”

“Your songs are in 3d.”

“Creepy and lovely.”

“Ooooh my God you are awesome!”

“I listen to his stuff when I like to let the imagination run wild with the Universe, when I need a break from the norm, I click on this...”

“That was great man, and the production values were excellent.”

“Sounds like a danceable soundtrack to a video game dream.”

“That was one crazy gig. So much energy. So much fun. Totally over the top party.”

“Animus Invidious rocked the house night before last. Insane party.”

“lol that.... seems achievable. lol I like the thought of ancient animus sitting at his archaic laptop in the year 999 after time has reached 0 and started over again, saying to himself, "c'mon, c'mon, just one more!"”

“Compared to all that, Animus Invidious is pretty normal. You probably know him best for his DJing skills, which placed him among the winners in our Indy Music Awards. But you may also know him as a recording artist of the 'organic and electronic genre-bending improvisational' variety...”

“...Animulo, the art-funk duo featuring bassist Charlie Milo and Animus Invidious, who used two videogame controllers to turn E-40's "Tell Me When to Go" into a glitched-out magnum opus.”

“best 'acoustic' album i've ever heard (and i've heard a lot...) if i start listening to this, it's the only thing i can listen to the rest of the day...”

“Yeh this music could be in the dictionary definition of eclectic enlightened and trippy harmonies.”

“your album is perfect for the mabon i am so enjoying listening to it with the rustle of leaves outside my window while i am stuck in the house doing work. blessings to you on this day!!”

“DJ - 3rd place: Animus Invidious”

“There's nothing like creating great works of literary art while listening to this guy's music: Animus Invidious.”

“you do good enough as it is, superior actually if you must know, i admire your workl immensely, always have .....so THERE> bbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........”

“Animus, Your intuition is extremely keen. Andy”

"Animus is poised to take over and if you haven't heard him you gots ta!"

“WOW!!! Embrace paradox has some great tracks. The chord progression on All Ugliness..... is extremely cool, Flutterby is another one of my favorites.”

“Amnesia Insulation .... A W E S O M E ”

“I Like your world, very cool!”

“This is mad. I dig it. ”

“This is amazing!!! thanks so much for your amazing creation. I feel I have found gold! Fantastic work on all aspects”

“Hauntingly Melodic”

“Fuh-Reaking Gnarley with a capital G! my eyes, and ears both had gasms.”

“I'm checking out your music and I really really like it. This is a lot coming from me because I hate a lot of music.”

"...the electro-acoustic paradox of Animus Invidious..."

“Really wonderful.”

“i really am enjoying the great noise going into my earholes this morning, brilliant job!”

“totally digging the new album. thank you.”

“Wonderful music! Great work. Enjoying it a lot! Thank you very much!!!! :)”

“Your new album is awesome, sir. I have been enjoying it quite a bit.”

“Holy Funkin' Womp! Animus Invidious and the Charlie Milo Trio killed it tonight! And then rejuvenated us all with lightning till we were walking around like Frankenstein..”

“animus you are amazing.. thank you for sharing yourself with us.. wow.”

“It all sounds strangely familiar and comforting and quite beautiful...I truly enjoy it. Thank you.”

“It's very good. I like the Oh Well > Ow Hell chunk”

“i got an early mix of this and was blown away, never have i heard acoustic guitar music sound like this...”

“Really lush waves of sound. Reminds a little of Arvo Part. With guitar, I mean.”

“fantastic brother just fantastic...”

“I think I'm just gonna start it over...”

“the more I listen the more unique I realize this is and how there isn't anything I can listen to as a follow-up...”

“Well done Animus your music is really good. I like how I respond to these original musical sounds, very eclectic and entertaining.”

"...the talented musician/composer known as Animus Invidious..."