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“[EXPERIMENTAL POPTIMISM] It’s good to see Animal Eyes climbing the local recognition ladder. Since migrating to Portland from where-the-fuck Alaska a couple of years back, the quintet has done little but charm the pants off local audiences of all stripes. With the whimsical collectivity of Belle and Sebastian and an experimental omnivorousness reminiscent of Dirty Projectors, Animal Eyes has tidily seduced venues all across this fair city with its indispensable, cathartic hollers. The group’s debut album, Found in the Forest, made a minor splash this November and has been deservedly gaining word-of-mouth momentum ever since.”

“[ECLECTIC, ARTY WORLD POP] Animal Eyes’ debut album, Found in the Forest, unleashes the quintet into the Portland pop world in a big way. Hailing from Homer, Alaska (a tiny town of 4,000—seriously, Google it), and now based in Portland, Animal Eyes has an upbeat, art-pop aesthetic: something akin to a three-way love child between Dirty Projectors, Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective. Standouts on the debut include “Mezmin” and “You Saw,” both of which feature accordion and strings on top of howling, strained, impassioned vocals. If this solid debut is any indication of where Animal Eyes is headed, it should be all good things to come. ”

“This is in Portland. Good. And not pretentious. Animal Eyes are a unicorn. ”

Bim Ditson - And And And

“When I first saw Animal Eyes at a house show in April, I was instantly smitten with the band's high energy performance, which reminded me of some of the same level of passionate intensity we have seen from the best of the upper echelon of Portland bands over the last several years. Accordions, trumpets, multiple singers, and a dream to lift you up. See this band now, so you can say you saw them when.”

“Animal Eyes followed up Bubble Cat’s great set with their take on indie folk. One couldn’t help but think of a pared down Arcade Fire or even hear slight hints of Gogol Bordello in some of Animal Eyes’ music. The five piece bring a sense of grandness to their music, both in sound and imagery, creating feelings of vast emptiness and collective wisdom at the same time. And what else would you expect from a group of guys from Alaska on a journey to find, well, something?”

“Animal Eyes snuck down from Alaska to bless us with harmonies that rest on your heart like the fresh breeze of an open plain. Their songs will wave around in the air before you like alighting leaves, warble about with the sincere bellowing of accordion, and hug you with hints of horns. At times they channel Tom Waits, at times they sound like the swift wave of an angels wings. They’re auditory animals and their music will eat you alive. In a good way.”

“Animal Eyes are an exciting young band who exhibit a contagious enthusiasm in their live shows. Their energy is the sort of catharsis that has been the hallmark of the best of the upper echelon of Portland bands over the last several years. See them now so you can say you saw them when. ”

Arya David Imig - Backspace

“These guys are going to the top! To the top of the sky!”

Ethan Martin

“You guys are killing it!”

Courage of "The Eastern Sunz"

“Your music is like a rollercoaster ride!”

Christina Davis

“The world needs more people spreading the joy that music brings”

Lady with dog on Madison Street

“You guys sound sexy. ”

Miro Schaad

"This is magical!"

Megan Goldstein

"Wow... that just blew my mind... it blew my mind..."

Beau Atkinson

“109,918th best band in the world. ”

Global Charts, Reverbnation