Animal Confession / Press

“It’s chilled rhythm is just the remedy to the insanity of having your mind totally and utterly frazzled by the three-piece.”

“The result is a unique alternative sound that can’t be effectively tucked into one definitive genre.”

“Animal Confession is a “must listen” for fans of alternative music.”

“I really like the song and the video ...”

“There are not many three piece bands that can pull off a sound this complex, polished and amazingly clean.”

“The songs are dark, moody and passionate while seemlessly weaving heaviness with melody and are much better than anything currently playing on your local Alt Rock radio station.”

“... they have succeeded with their debut album: the atmosphere and mood of the album is carefully constructed and feels genuine.”

“One of the best elements in their music is using psychedelic elements.”

“... immediately sinks into your soul and grabs your pulse with their energetic and enthusiastic alternative rock sounds.”

“It's moody, melodic and kicks a little ass in the process.”

“The band is tight, the songs are structured well with lots of key changes and interesting bridges and solos.”

“... sometimes you just hear a song and say “Damn, that is a kick ass track” ...”

“It’s solid, and even radio friendly ...”

“Bright Light, Dark Eyes is comprised of many different influences, compositions and genres.”

“... expected to captivate listeners with its mix of heavy and soft sounds as well as much more ...”

“Ottawa's Animal Confession and the Zombie Apocalypse - Or maybe these folks are just extremely ill. Either way, this is pretty creepy.”

““A Thousand Lies” from Animal Confession is a hard-nosed track that offers a level of musical complexity and dexterity rarely heard in today’s radio friendly rock ”