Animal / Press

“‘Plenty Of Supplies’ rattles along at a cracking pace, and is crammed with hard-assed, hard-rocking, crunchy and melodic riffs delivered with passion and aplomb, with every song possessing an immediacy that just grabs you by the shoulders and draws you in”

“A modern twist to the traditional Aussie hard rock template... workmanlike, spit and sawdust. (7/10)”

"...relentless until the whole juggernaut comes to an abrupt stop, and as the dust starts to settle you have time to reflect on what a powerful, no bullshit, ride that really was. Then go back to the start and do it again"

"This band is so good I wanna fight them!"

Eric Kretz - Stone Temple Pilots

" 'Plenty of Supplies’ is essentially a slap in the face for Perth’s easy going music scene"

"No pretentiousness, no fanfare, no bullshit just balls out hard rock like it should be"

"Tight, well written guitar rock songs with the occasional tongue-in-cheek dig are bread & butter to Animal & these boys like their sandwiches"