Animal 3D / Press

“From iTunes Mexico: Reseñas de usuarios Buena cancion por Luis Mendoza Muy buena cancion, este grupo se ve que tiene potencial para seguir, esperando sus siguientes sencilos. pongan tmb el video de la cancion para bajarlo. sigan adelante. Excelente cancion.”

“Wow, it was a great song......the singer's voice is really fantastic, deep and smooth.....reminds me of the singer of Whitesnake.....really good. Animal 3D, I loved the red haired girl and your hair and your friend's face.....the other guy, you are usually with. I loved the advertisement, close-up for Roland....good job. And, the close up of the drums.....great. I liked when the silver car drove up and when the guy smashed the dishes. The video reminded me of MTV when it began in the 80's when video told a short story/movie. I liked your style, like the original days of MTV and I mean that in a good way. The singer is really fantastic......”

Kathy C. - The Ventures

“awwww that was beautifuk! Animal 3D have a magnificent French tongue.....the language of love...”

ladyVampire - La Puente