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“Their sound is tight and musicianship on lock......Their music is a throwback to the R&B/Soul artists of the 70s leading listeners through a time machine to the future of Soul music.”

“Aniba Hotep & TSC guarantee that anything they release will be an instant classic, giving the music industry the much needed boost the world has been waiting for.”

“The day opened with a wonderfully delicious dinner which then led to the showcase performance. The showcase host, music industry executive Monique Spence, kept the crowd entertained and the pace flowing. This year the performers included Reggie Torian (lead singer for the Impressions, neo-soul singer/songwriter Justin Ruff, hip-hop/rap artist DKNO, and soul band Aniba Hotep and The Sol Collective. The performances were off the chain, and the audience showed their support with numerous standing ovations. The various genres of music were a refreshing change as well.”

"...their music transcends age boundaries. The energy that they give, and unique spin that they put on their music appeals to many demographics. Plain and simple they create good music that does not get old regardless of what is being pushed in the market."

“Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective is a Chicago based Soul/R&B band comprised of 8 members. The lead is songwriter and vocal powerhouse, Aniba Hotep which means "Messenger of Peace". Her soulful southern tones are harmonized with songbirds Neri Ma’at and Caress Sahura. The five musicians are equally as powerful and melodious as the singers. The band performed an amazing remake of Chaka Khan's "Sweet Thang" that I'm still singing in my head months later. The performance was a soulful journey featuring popular covers and original material. I literally fell in love.”

"Last night was totally awesome. Les Nubians put on a really good show. The music, the love, the dancing, the social awareness! ! (5% y'all! If you don't know, you better ask somebody!) Aniba Hotep opened the show and mannnnn these ladies have voices that can stop traffic! And they have some of best musicians backing them that I ever heard! I can't wait for their CD! Peace, Peace, Peace! Always hot and fresh!" ~ Kimberley Cooke [employee @ The Shrine/Chicago]

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"While I was playing the first album at the Food Hub, Mama Jifunza’s ears perked up and asked “Who is that? Aretha?” “No mama. That’s Aniba Hotep & the Sol Collective.” I think that mistake on the part of a listener from a prior generation foretells all you need to know about how deeply that the Sol Collective has mined the soul of the past while still being attentive to the evolution of the future landscape of music."

“Reftreshing & Evocative voice for listening - The Solution EP ~ 4 out of 5 stars | Author: Steve Braxton | I had a chance to listen for the first time to "The Sol Collective", led by Aniba Hotep. Really enjoyed it - very refreshing and original - such an evocative voice with the blending of the musicians creates an aura of good meditative mantra for real real connections that lends itself to grooving in a special place. Thank you & God Bless you! Reverend Steve Braxton - Author: The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" After listening - the road gets better... By the way, that is the working title of my new book soon to be released.”

“Love the music! Enjoyed every track:) Hard to pick a fave though. Each unique in it's own way. The One, Sturdy, Like the Wind are songs anyone would want to hear their lover say to them. Great cover on Mighty Michaels tune "Lady in my life" too!”

“This is a talented group of Chicago musicians & singers that encompass everything that makes soul music great, headed by the great voice of Aniba which has been described as "Thunderous honey". ""The SOLution EP" draws heavily from the true roots of soul: jazz, blues, gospel. Rich in history, but also fresh & relevant. Their music is therapeutic & medicinal.”

“Some might say the Arts Festival was short on big name entertainers this year. That’s true, but only if you are unfamiliar with the Africentric cultural offerings of groups like Tambours Sans Frontieres, Aniba Hotep and the Sol Collective, or Morikeba Kouyae.”

“Chicago’s African Festival of the Arts is kicking its four day festivities this Friday (September 3rd). Boasting an all star line-up that includes Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective, Julie Dexter and the legendary Chaka Khan, the event will also feature a full weekend of House music hosted by Risque—the self proclaimed “Global Groove Guru”

“Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective,從福音到傳統節奏藍調,以紮實內容現場呈現,是值得推荐的好音樂! [Translation]: Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective,from gospel to traditional rhythm & blues accents, presented with solid content. Good music. Worth recommending!”

“Erykah Badu Umm Hmm Similar Tracks And Artists: Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't Be Long, Love, Neon Valley Street, Oh, Maker, Tunnel Vision, Closer, Maybe So, Maybe No, Just Ain't Gonna Work Out, Skin, Ex-Factor, I Need A Dollar, Bad Habits, She Needs Me, Cold, Completely Exposed, Love's On Its Way, Teach Him, Tell Me You Love Me, Heartbeat, Lay You Down, Golden, Whenever You're Around, Nothing Even Matters, Dance On Glass, Devil's Pie, Make My Heart, Untitled (How Does It Feel), The Uncomfortable Truth, Through It All, Ay Yo, New York Is Kill, [Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective] 'Like The Wind'.”

“Soul has returned to Chicago, and its name is Aniba Hotep & the Sol Collective. The group opened last Thursday at the House of Blues for Mint Condition and the positive reviews are still flowing in to the band’s website and its Facebook and Myspace pages. The ten member (7 musicians and 3 vocalists) has drawn comparisons to acts from every era. After the Thursday night performance names like the Emotions, Eryka Badu and more were bounced around. No matter what the rousing performance was a breath of fresh air to the Neo Soul Music Scene around the Chicago area.”