Angie Atkinson / Press

"Atkinson has been living in New York City since 2009 writing southern-tinged tracks about identity and heartache with a beat to make you tap your feet and lyrics to make you blush. Too lyrically raw for pure country and too twangy for rock music, Atkinson occupies a musical niche all her own. Her first full-length album High and Mighty will be available in January, and her first single, the feisty, racy 'Friday Skin' is available now on iTunes. Do yourself a favor: turn off the rotation of interchangeable auto-tuned pop and give Atkinson’s country-fried realness a shot."

"your passion for creating music is admirable, your voice commendable, and your music revitalizes an oldschool sound-- one taken from roots in both rock & roll and country, with just a twist of soul to make it pop. in the future, i imagine that i'll find myself seated in a random bar eating stale peanuts and crying into my beer, only to be consoled by one of your songs. keep up the amazing work!"