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Indie Music Channel

“Known for her rich vocals and her inherent writing talent, Angelica is currently writing and recording her next single with her team at Vibeland. And her single, "Weightless," is being pitched to Sirius Radio....What's more, Angelica is no stranger to the stage. She's been performing live for the last few years in cities across America and wowing audiences with her powerful vocals.”

“Angelica Joni is an up-and-coming Pop sensation with a hot new single out titled “Weightless” that is beyond radio-friendly and not to mention a slammin’ video to go along with it. According to Joni, “Weightless” is the best song she has ever written thus far and there is a lot of buzz surrounding it. ....So much going on for this Italian Singer/Songwriter with a “New York State of Mind” where I’d say it’s just about time for Angelica Joni to spread her wings and fly high.”

“The up-and-coming and talented Angelica Joni recently performed at the CBGB music festival. The festival was co-produced by Talent Army Promotions. Her songs and her sense of style are unique and she has co-collaborated with Troy Murray, Mykul Leeric and Troy Remi to come out with some of the best hits. She is unequivocally making a name for herself and she is known for her hit single “I See Right Through You.” Her hard work and dedication has paid off and as an Indie Recording Artist, she has earned 7 Indie Music Channel Award Nominations. She has taken home two Indie Music Channel Awards for Best New Artist of the Year and Best Female Pop Artist.”

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Angelica Joni, an independent artist with a passion for entertainment, is pursuing her dream and making great strides in the world of show business by dint of her hard work. Over the last several months, the Annadale resident has returned to Miami twice with her mentors, Jon Secada, Rudy Perez, David Fangioni and Mark Hudson, to hit several South Beach hot spots — and more recently, she completed writing and recording her newest EP. Angelica's first single, "Reminisce," has made it to No. 1 on The Radio Cafe Charts, and befitting that achievement, she was invited to perform at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood. According to our source, Angelica also was invited to The Indie Music Channel Awards Ceremony to perform her single "I See Right Through You," which was produced by her Grammy Award-winning team headed by Perez and The IDA Program in Miami.The Indie Music Channel Awards were held at the famous House of Blues on Sunset.”

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The last time Angelica Joni's name surfaced in this column was back in November, when the songstylist/pop artist performed at a fundraiser for Galyas family members, who were devastated after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on their home — just one of the many projects and causes to which she has lent her time and talent. At this writing, we hear that the Annadale resident has been hard at work and making great strides in the world of entertainment. Still on board helping to repair and mend the Staten Island community, the recording artist joined Big Ang's Angels & Construction Relief during their fundraiser for Sandy victims, where she debuted her single "Right Through You," co-written by Rudy Perez, Troyton Rami, Tommy McWilliams and Mykul Leerik — just last night — for the purpose of supporting families in the wake of the superstorm.”