Angela Terace Trippe / Press

“Love Potion with Marek is simply delicious. Such a beautiful combination of vocals set to utterly stunning pulsating shimmering music of the highest order. Sassy sax, vibrant Latin percussion , spine tingling piano makes this not just a song but aural poetry.”

Steve Inglis - Reverbnation

“Saturday noon Angela, and time for your wonderful melodic and captivating music. No matter which song I choose, they are all perfectly arranged and each one has heart and soul.”

JMOYA - Reverbnation

“Loving "two steps to separation" Angela!! Great vibe, excellent vocals, lyrics, and awesome keys!!”

The Altoona's - Reverbnation

“Sonatina in August! Just a lovely, transcendent piece of timeless beauty. Wonderful work, Angela.”

Prof P-Soop - Reverbnation

“Musical silk thanks to the beautiful song Pentavibe by Angela Terace Trippe. Angela chronicles her life lyrically and melodically, she was born to sing as vocally she is soulful, passionate and unique. She prepares her own lyrics and music, is responsible for the arrangements, plays all the instruments bar the guitar and even masters and produces her own songs plus she even finds the time to collaborate with musicians from all around the world - Angela is a musical juggernaut Pentavibe features smooth synth beats, a beautiful piano melody, catchy instrumentals, delightful vocals and heartfelt lyrics - this song is musical silk. OCEAN BLUE MUSIC UK”

"once in a lifetime" is a great song... melodious and sublime... it takes me back to '65 - '66... when female singers could sing and do it all... another gem in the crown that is your beautiful catalogue... ya bway

The Magneto Flobe - Reverbnation

“You are amazing. Going the "play all" route today and I'm in awe of your musicianship, singing and composing/arranging/production.”

Tom Hedrick - Reverbnation

“PURE BRILLIANCE....utterly compelling...beautiful...intelligent...loving...meaningful...this IS Angela Terace Trippe”

Steve Inglis - Reverbnation

“I like your liquid style. Your music swirls, ebbs and flows!”

John Rowell