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“Been a long Rough Ride on this horse. Full Circle and back to our roots. The twin Cherub has strengthened its wings with the help of Scattered Origin Records. Time to do some Flyin. : )”

Back to Our Roots

“As you might have noticed by now there are two facebook pages for Janet's Ride..:))))) so many helpful hearts, I seen where the Angel and the Preacher ( the band that will be playing at the ride ) posted.. I had a chance to meet the "Preacher" at our last meeting, super great guy, and all the monies they collect for purchase of their T-shirts and CD's goes directly to Janet!”

“Glad to know a great Americana band like yourself, Angel and the Preacher. Keep on keepin' on, -Ben”

From our Fan Ben

“I wish I could come up and see ya'll play at the Birthday Bash, You guys are a Fukking Awesome Live All American Band ! Happy Birthday Ya'll !”

Evil Luvis - Luvis Pro

“Jeff Downer Bail Bonds is announcing an association with the Angel and the Preacher Racing Team. The team is an ill advised new venture into motorcycle drag racing by Angel and the Preacher, local Indianapolis musicians best known for their great music and poor decision making skills. While I usually don’t acknowledge knowing Angel and Preacher (let alone admit to being friends with them), I have agreed to to accept Preacher’s kind offer to be included in their racing efforts. I cannot fully explain this other than my love of fast things and yet another instance of poor judgement. Team updates will be forthcoming and include competition results and pictures. P.S. Drop Preacher a line and suggest that racing the bikes in a Speedo probably would not be in his best interests. Thanks.”

“Ben Aaron Glad to know a great Americana band like yourself, Angel and the Preacher. Keep on keepin' on, -Ben Jun 9”

from a fan

“Thanks Angeland ThePreacher for a great time and letting me play!! Angel and The Preacher shows are always crowded, drunk, rowdy, and drunk!! HEY!!! we are playing again at the cool new venue Jackrabbitslims Indy this Friday night the 23rd. Come to it, seriously it'll be great! ”

Brad Odom - One Horse Open Stage December 21 2011

“By Desmond Garrett ~ Thanks to Angeland ThePreacher for letting the COSMIC PREACHERS play last night at Bert and Dens! Little did they realize that all the awesome musicians who came out to play were really there for a free clinic on how to throw a PARTY!! July 30th 2011”

D. Garrett - Angel Fest

“~ By Johnny Ping ~ you dudes are a steamrollin madhouse of entertainment, thanks for having me! They're gonna have to make that bar bigger though, or get more plastic ropes for the sidewalk, cause there's no way you're gonna get LESS people to show up. Crazy truckers! July 31st, 2011”

J. Ping - Angel Fest

“Great show last night. I had a great time and plan on coming out and watching you guys again.”

T. Hommel - Valentines Day Dinner Show

“Every Thursday night from 8:30pm - 2:00am! Full PA All acts encouraged to participate. Living Room Lounge. This week Angel & The Preacher will be the featured band! There will be several spots open but A & P are bringing the Mutha Trukin' Thunder! All types of performers welcome. Living Room has a great atmosphere, food, and drink specials!! and of course its FREE!!!!”

Brad Odom - Open Stage at The Living Room Lounge

“Written By: Danielle Look ... Don't let the name fool you; this ain't no church music.”

Danielle Look - Acoustic Challenge

“Speed-folk masters Angel and the Preacher let it rip on Dec. 29, 2009 in Indianapolis amongst their Hoosier brethren and sistren. I shot this video with my little still camera. It's nothin' fancy, but it shows the Twisted Kuntchry - twisted like a TORNADO - experience of an Angel and the Preacher performance.”

“Brad Odom - "Country Music started with Hank Sr. and came to a screaching halt with Angel and the Preacher" ”

Brad Odom - Odom Fest

“Here ya go mutha trukas a little bit of some Twisted Kunchry”

Preach - Chinese Trucker

"A Changed Man" and the sequel "I Said Move On" are now up on our site. Enjoy. ~ signed, Preacher

Preach - Songs to Angel

“Thanks for checkin out our new tune "Coeleen". This story starts thee Angel and The Preacher Campfire Journey and true to the T.”