Angela Josephine / Press

“Local singer-songwriter Josephine’s album recollects a more jaded Sarah McLachlan in McLachlan’s earlier years, or perhaps Liz Phair, if Phair had a better voice.”

"It is acoustic, but not in the more trad-folk style of a Kate Rusby or the adult-pop-folk leanings of a Heidi Talbot. Nor is it Americana. This reviewer puts it closer to the acoustic-but-not-really-folk of Laura Marling, but with the breadth of instrumentation (trumpet, hammered dulcimer and other suspects) that can only suggest a modern female Nick Drake."

“With a voice that echoes Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos and Laura Nyro but remains very much her own… Angela Josephine shows herself to be a poetic songwriter able to pen songs that get under the shield of the post modern muse with power and poignancy. ”

Tony Cummings - Cross Rhythms Magazine

“ANGELA’s music is fresh and new! ”

Nicole Philibosian - Voice Instructor to Jewel, Interlochen School of the Arts

“Going against the grain of pop culture... innovative in every way... raw and intimate vocals full of flavorful expression that grace such novel artists as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Tori Amos, and with just a touch of Sarah McLachlan ...stands out in the midst of the typical musical cliché.”

Sonia Vannest - Independent Artist and Blogger

“Angela is the kind of artist that pulls from multiple worlds - musical, visual, and poetic. In this way, she is comfortable being different... ”

John Pisciotta - Producer, Paradiso Music, Nashville, TN