Anesha / Press

"You don’t come across an artist like Anesha everyday. She does more than run, she soars."

"The time has now come for Anesha to step back into the spotlight, as she releases her debut project — “Running, The Mixtape.”

"Running, The Mixtape is Anesha’s 1st LP. Released under her Indie Label A Plus Music Group. All songs were written by APLUS, Anesha Birchett & Antea Shelton. The song “Broke” plays out exactly as you might think as Anesha laments over a plight many of us can relate too… myself included LOL. However seasons change and Hope is with us Always!"

"Favorite Girl" is a song by Canadian recording artist, Justin Bieber. The song was written and produced by D'Mile, Antea Birchett, Anesha Birchett, and Delisha Thomas."...The song was later released exclusively to iTunes as the second promotional single from his debut studio release, My World on November 4, 2009.... The song debuted at number twelve and twenty-six, in Canada and the United States, respectively. It also charted at number ninety-two Australia, and at numbers seventy-six and twenty-seven in the United Kingdom, and the UK R&B chart, respectively Bieber performed the song on several occasions, most of them being the acoustic version of the song.

"I am loving this chick's voice right now. So soulful yet has so much attitude and spunk that she really stands out in a industry where a lot of new people on the scene don't really sound too original."