Anemonia / Press

“The idea for Anemonia came to keys player Philippe back in 2003. It’s taken him 6 years of trials and tribulation to finally get the right band together. Drop dead stunning Cassiopée is an outstanding rock opera singer, it is no surprise she was short-listed for the Nightwish job, and she would have done a terrific job with her striking vampire goddess image and mega powerful voice. The album is packed with 10 marvellous, colossal, Nightwish esque symphonic power metal epics, with more than a touch of vampire gothic. The awesome production fittingly throws the kitchen sink at you, pinning you back in your seat as if you are in the teeth of an aural hurricane. At times it sounds like half the population of Canada are on the album, it takes a few spins to get your head around it all. Perhaps a ballad in the middle would have been a good idea, just to provide a little respite from the storm. In a parallel universe Nightwish would be a vampire fronted fantasy metal band. 9/10”