Andy Velo / Press

“Andy Velo recognized his path at an early age and began writing and performing songs that energized and fueled his passion. Known as a “high energy, in-your-face, take-you-away-for two hours showman,” Andy’s shows draw large, interactive crowds of country music lovers who relate to his songs of heart break, rainy days, good times, love, laughter, and the assurance that life is worth living. Dedicated to fitness and faith as much as to his fans, Andy’s new single, “Southern Thing” is now available. “Southern Thing” by Andy Velo is featured by All Access in the “Cool New Music” section this week. Check it out: http://www.allaccess.com/country/cool-new-music”

“Every artist wants a recording contract but the aren’t many who work for it. They just know they will be discovered. They have faith. Andy Velo believes his faith opens doors for him, but that doesn’t mean he won’t knock on a few himself. He’s known to hang at Nashville block parties where even those from different companies know each other personally. With only a single under his belt, “Hank It Up,” ...”

“Jim Beam Brands is proud to be collaborating with country's newest rising star, Andy Velo. Born in Suwanee, Georgia, Andy was a typical boy, riding his bike to the creek; exploring the surrounding woods; and enjoying the countryside. His country and strong spiritual roots eventually found outlet through musical expression. Recognizing his artist's soul at an early age led Andy down the path of writing and performing songs that both energized and fueled him. As a man of great character and integrity we invite you to check out his latest songs, videos, photo galleries and more!”

“Andy Velo stepped onto the stage for the EP release party on May 27 at Wild Bill’s in Duluth with a confident swagger and his focus on the audience. And while watching his performance it was obvious that Velo, 24, is not afraid to be in front of a crowd. He looked at ease as he worked the stage and seemed at home in front of his fans. “It’s a very exciting time in my life,” Velo said. “It is a stair step and I just hit a new step.” ... ”

“Andy Velo performs on the Main Event Stage at the Conch Republic Seafood Co. during the 2011 Key West Songwriters Festival. (Photo by Brian Tipton)”


“Artist management additions include ANDY VELO and JOHNNY SOLINGER with singles on both artists expected in SEPTEMBER. OCTOBER releases will include full length album projects from the KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS “Dixie Lullabies”, RICHIE OWENS & THE FARM BUREAU “In Farm We Trust” and HILLBILLY VEGAS “Ringo Manor”.”

“Country music up-and-comer Andy Velo is bringing his signature Southern rock to CMA Fan Fest as he celebrates the release of his single “Hank It Up” – a tribute to the music of Hank Williams Sr. and Jr., written by country legends Charlie Monk and Rick Huckaby. Jim Beam® Bourbon is building on its heritage of supporting on-the-cusp artists by partnering with Worn Soul Entertainment Group’s Andy Velo. Velo and his band are traveling from Atlanta to Nashville on a fully equipped, 45-foot Jim Beam Tour Bus and will perform during marquee stage times at hot spots such as Limelight and Club Fuel. The group will also play various acoustic performances throughout CMA Fan Fest. To celebrate the release of his single, which will be hitting the airwaves on 2,800 radio stations, Andy and his band are offering members of the media exclusive access to his latest music – the ultimate soundtrack to an afternoon with Jim Beam – on board their Jim Beam branded tour bus.”