Andy Spain / Press

“Andy Spain turns to science and technology for inspiration in his folk music”

“His metaphors are carried by a variety of vehicles, be they giant robots, 6-string blues-harp harmonies or the hypnotic, creeping tones of a carnival organ. All the while dissecting the human experience as it relates to love, alienation and creative courage in the face of conformity.”

“Just a guess, but I would watch for Andy to come out with some offerings that will further stretch an intellectual aspect of folk. I could even see his genre shifting from time to time to keep up with his imagination. But I would not see him lose his mindful approach to music. I believe there is an underlying flow and interpretive quality to what he is putting out that will continue to gracefully grow and peacefully avoid stagnation.”

“Though the instrumentation often hearkens back to classics like Bob Dylan, Spain's lyrics explore futuristic ideas. The result is a many-layered disc that contrasts old and new in a genre that Spain has dubbed sci-folk. Whatever you call it, Spain's melodies, guitar picking and unusual lyrics are likely to capture attention.”

“Andy Spain is a great songwriter!”