Andy Shearer / Press

“Just wanted to let you know I think Gypsy is one of the greatest tunes I have ever heard !”

“I've been enjoying your music for quite some time. I bet you hear this all the time, but I was genuinely amazed when I first heard 'Gypsy'.”

“Beautiful guitar solo with a fantastic-sounding electric guitar in "Baby Don't Go Tonight".”

“Awesome Classic Rock sound. Reminds me of The Doors a bit, mixed with The Beatles. Enjoyed it. Keep Up The Creativity. Best of luck and God bless.”

“Beautiful guitar tones and great song writing on 'Baby Don't Go Tonight'.Kind of put me in mind of Roger Waters meets Richard Hawley..Really nice feel/mood throughout the whole song..Great track.”

“Thank you Andy, because magic may not be real.. but your songs are truly magical!”

“'Autumn Leaves'. Real pretty tune. Warm lyrics, well sung and produced. Enjoyed!”

“Your music is absolutely awesome and I can't stop listening to 'A Place In The Sun' in particular. I definitely would like to hear more.”

“I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we (fans) want to play over and over.”

“I love 'Summer Love ' so much ! It kept me hooked and I kept listening to it on replay.”

“It's been awhile since i discovered your music and I love the way you treat your fans! I know that the connection between artist and fans is something you can not fake. You have a good heart my friend!!”

“Everything you touch becomes in something beautiful with your voice and talent!!”

“Hi!!! Now I'm definitely looking forward to the new songs, "Baby don't go tonight" IS A MARVEL.”

“Hi! This tune ROSALIE makes me more and more addicted EVERY TIME I HEAR IT! I'm hooked.”

“Enjoying "Stretched to the Limit". Very nice voice, lyrics and instrumentation !”

“Hey, I love the track: 'A Place In The Sun'. It's one you can hear over and over, so amazing!”

“Can't get enough of 'Gypsy'. Love It and will be replayed many many times in my list of favourites!!!!!!”

“'Stretched To The Limit' is an amazing song ! It sounds like it has sentimental value to you and it definetely does to me ! . This song could be in a movie! The lyrics are great !! Its official. This song is awesome.”

“Love your music ! Cheers from Canada !”

“Really enjoy your music. 'Summer Love' is beautiful !”

“Really enjoyed the emotional feel of your tracks. Great arrangements, feel & musicianship. 'A Room With No Windows' was my favourite. Best of luck in the future,”

“Very fine work . . . guitar, production, songs.”

“You have a unique style of playing and singing and I'm enjoying it !”

“Great tunes! I love your style, its very relatable and moving, thank you sir, youve just expanded my influences :) Be a smile my friend and rock on!”

"Summer Love" is a marvelous musical delight! Lovely music/lyrics, amazing guitar work and superb vocals.

"Rosalie" is a beautiful musical gem. Absolutely wonderful music and superb vocals.

“Absolutely love your song 'Waiting'. Your lyrics are universally appealing and your songs are deeply emotional and wonderfully unique.”

“Very solid songs and production.”

“Your music is fantastic. It's beautiful, intelligent and above all STUNNING. Excellent musicianship and composition.”

“'Rosalie' has such a bright and cheerful feel to it for a minor key song !”

“Both Ray Majors [Guitar} and I really dug your material. Excellent guitar work! best of luck mate, you deserve it.”

“Andy, you conjure up so many emotions in me. Keep up this lovely work !”

"Rosalie" is gorgeous, that's my fave so far. listening to your tracks now. so good!

“Really good ideas executed gracefully.”

“I came by to give support by listening to your music and excellent musicianship.”

“Barely a minute into "Rosalie" and I already love it and want to hear more!”

“Digging your tune 'Summer Love'. Really nice song. Keep rockin!”

“I really like your song writing!You are wonderful listen to.Sounds like good tele background music.Great job!”

“Wonderful songwriting, instrumentation, singing and production! I love "A Place in The Sun" and the harmonies are beautiful.”

“You speak from the heart to a needy world wreathing in pain. How welcome here you are. May you shine everywhere...... a fan.”

“Nice work ! Very well written and produced songs ! Keep it up and all the best for the future, much love from WBB x”

“You have great songs. Your music sounds awesome ! Look forward to hearing more ! Keep up the good work, you have a raw honest talent !”

“'A Place In The Sun' - "From the synthesized backdrop onwards, there's many elements here that make a Dire Straits comparison inevitable: the driving blues guitar solos and the lyrical narrative of urban gloom could well have come off an unused demo for 'Brothers In Arms'".”

“Your music evokes the beauty people often pass by without noticing. Thank you for your works.”

“The strings backing and the backing vocal on 'A Room With No Windows' puts me in a Moody Blues mood. The melody and vox has a great flow. Dig the flute texture in the intro which sets the scene wonderfully. Sombre but there's a melodic flow that holds the listener. very creative and melodic and dig'n the production choices as well. Thanks for sharing.”

“Very cool music & vocals... Nicely done! Very pretty! I enjoyed listening!”

“Very nice melody and great vocals on 'When love Has Gone' and 'A Room With No Windows' is a great song. Loved the vocal on this too !”

“I like your vocal work on 'A Room With No Windows'. It reminds me of a sad Moody Blues tune. Piano is very nice in this. Like the change in overall feel when the lead guitar comes in. Cool track Andy. Nicely done.”

“'When Love Has Gone' is very nicely done. Strong lyrics and I really dig the lead guitar, organ, and the Floyd-ish vocal.”

“'A Room With No Windows' is a little dark...yet mellow. Lost love is always a good subject as we have all been there. Enjoyed it.”

“'When Love Has Gone' is such a pretty song.with nice music and vocals. Broken hearts.The lyrics are touching.”

“You have the sound of angels.....you are awesome ! Thanks for the tunes of life.”

“I love 'A Place In The Sun',the lyrics are so touching,and inspired. Great poetry and outstanding guitar playing.”

“Really liking your song Rosalie !!”

“Love your vids..Gypsy is very cool !.”

“Listened to 'Rosalie' and I like it a lot ! You've got a great voice and the chorus is catchy !”

“Beautifully lyrical compositions with soul filled playing”

“Just listened to 'A Place in the Sun'. Love the sound ! Love the lyrics !”

“Wonderful sound, so full, alive, and great vocals”

“I became a fan to show my support as I really enjoyed the listen ! Great music and fantastic vocals ! Hope to see you down the road. Keep Rockin' !”

“Great music, great voice !!”

“Greetings from state side, like your UK sound, kinda an early Floyd flavor”

“Very good stuff. Quality songwriting with interesting sound. Come to Canada !”

“Just stopping by to congratulate you on your music. Love the guitar on Rosalie - it's fantastic musicianship!”

"Dancing Alone" is an awesome track. Reminds me of classic Police with a cool twist. Great work!

“Love your style and craft. Nice melodies too. 'Place in the Sun' has a lovely Teardrop Explodes feel....very nice.”

“I like your playing, very melodic. Rosalie is wonderful !”

“Listening to 'Rosalie' right now on MuseBoat Radio. Excellent song Andy, and just love the guitar.”

“A real blessing to visit your page this evening; such a beautiful array of tracks; each one a little different from the next. A familiar yet completely foreign sound, it's refreshing to open the ears to originality and unique expression. You've got some fantastic music here, superb compositions and vocals ! 'Rosalie' and 'I Won't Let You Down' are true testament to your talent !”

“'A Room With No Windows' is a very sad, beautiful song. Your music has the power to evoke deep emotions. It brought tears to my eyes.”

"Rosalie"...Excellent Song!! Very Original Sound!!

“Very unique blend of music. Really enjoyed listening to Summer Love !”

“Really good songs. Well written, well arranged, well produced/mixed. Good vocals too !”

“Excellent tunes and production.”

“Wonderful sound and vocals...brilliant musicianship. Great lyrics on all songs. The varied tones and vibe from song to song is refreshing and each one is as good as the others. Really enjoyed our listen. All the best! ~Jeff & Heather”

“Nice work..."Dancing Alone" is a great song. Keep it up !”

“'A Place in The Sun' is such a refreshingly original bit of songwriting. Everything I listened to has great arrangements and musicianship. I look forward to hearing more of your music”

“Wonderful sound ! Exquisite musicianship ! Keep up the good work!”

“You are very rich in the best possible way ! Rock on !!”

“I love the feeling you capture in your music. Love your guitar leads and beautiful compositions !”

“u got it all. keep rockin'”

“SO glad that I became a fan of yours on ReverbNation. I saw your video for "Gypsy," It is such a beautiful song !”

“There's no substitute for quality Andy, and you have it by the bucketload. With your wide appeal and originality, you just need the right sort of marketing to become a big selling artist. Trust me on this. I've listened to thousands of acts in my time, and your originality and creative ideas really do make your music stand out above the crowd. Keep it coming.”

“You are an amazing musician. I love your tone and style, and great singing too. Nice hollow body electric gtr you have (ie. Ibanez).”

“Haunting romantic ballads of summer and lost loves, well-written and produced. Wonderful! You are a talented writer, guitarist and vocalist.”

“Nice Sound, Melodies, arrangements and Vocals, both Male and Female. Enjoying all Tracks today. Always a good Listen”

“Your production skills are quite brilliant. These are very good songs indeed and have been produced and arranged to an extremely high standard.”

“I like your music, and best of all, you sound like yourself. That's what counts, if a musician doesn't sound like their self, they should go back and start all over.Great music Andy!”

“Dropped in for a quick listen. Exceptional talent ♫♪♫♪”

“Good music, Andy. Unpretentious. You create audio images very well. Keep on, keepin' on.”

“You are a very accomplished musician and songwriter. Your talent and originality just blows my mind. Your sound is great and you really have class and polish. As you say in the UK "Cheers"”

“Your guitar work is beautiful and your vocals have a relaxing quality which I really enjoy.”

“The intro on 'A Place In The Sun' is amazing. If your music is an expression of how you feel, you must be feeling awesome !”

“I'm really digging your tracks! Your style is refreshing in a copy and paste industry of music !!!”

“Hello, Andy I have listened to your tracks and I should say that the music is very good and interesting, and I like it !”

“Wow you sound a lot like Andy Shearer! Awesome guitar work!”

“Great stuff Andy. Keep on doin' your own thing !”

“I am a fan! I love "Rosalie"! It really is so beautifully composed and I love the harmonies!Your guitar just sings!”

“Hi Andy, I love your work. Great songwriting. Enjoyed listening. Rosalie is very very nice.”

“Very well crafted tunes and a slick style of guitar...”

“Incredible music and killer tones ~ You play as well as, and with the greatness of Mark Knopfler and Snowy White. Great guitar Andy !”

“Dancing Alone is just an amazing song. You play and sing in a lovely way. Very good stuff !!!”

"When Love Has Gone" is a lovely, lazy Sunday afternoon of a track. Listening to it, I just want to sit on the porch with a beer and remember the good times.

“We're glad to be in your page.Great songs and excellent work. Greetings from Ukraine. ”

“There is such great feel to your music, Andy. The instrumentation & arrangements are done very well and you are a strong songwriter.”

“Such beautiful sonic tapestries !”

“Great music Andy, You are one talented musician. Keep up the good work. -The Comet”

“love your imagination, and how you put your musical ideas together - real talent here!”

“ROSALIE …sweet. strong and direct grooves that, like a velvet needle in your soul, are insistent and deliciously emphatic.”

“This is so perfect. What more can I add ?”

“Sounds awesome Andy! Great musicianship !”

“Love all of the tracks. You are a truly brilliant musician and I wish you every success... Best wishes”

“I am glad that, on this Thursday evening, I stopped by to listen to "Summer Love" Very nice track !”

“'A Room With No Windows' has great melody, lyrics and vocals.”

“Great sound, great tracks, great vocals ! Keep up the good work ! Peace and love to you with much success in all the good you are doing !”

“Love what you're doing and guitar sound. Listening thru my tv sounds great.”

“Andy, I love your music. You have a signature sound that one can single out! Love it! Keep up the great work!”

“Hi, Andy! "Shooting Star" is a brilliant composition! You have done a perfect job! It is just perfect!”

“Amazing music and talent! I'll be back for more listening soon!”

“The lyricism of your guitar playing is outstanding, and you interweave that sound with your vocals very nicely! Both of these attributes make your songs very appealing. "Rosalie" is stunning.”

“Awesome Talent here! Loving "Gypsy" Great stuff!”

“Your songs are beautiful !”

“'Gypsy' is one great arrangement! Beautifully done in voice, guitar and recording. Nice work, man, real nice.”

“Really like your tracks - I think you're a great songwriter and have some really cool production on your songs !!”

“Holy Crap, I love that song 'Rosalie'. Reminds me of a British Todd Rundgren !!! Great stuff man, Keep it up!”

“Very classy, cool music of a very high quality. 'Gypsy', in particular, is fabulous.”

“Great Work Andy. Love the fact you don't tie yourself down, and yet your signature is indelible.”

“Awesome musicianship. Powerful is the best descriptive adjective I can come up with. Pure magic”

“Wow ! What awesome work, man ! Really fine tunes. This is really fine work. "Gypsy" is downright mesmerizing !! Awesome.”

“Amazing music! Your guitar work is absolutely stunning! Keep up the hard work :) -WoJo <3”

“Eclectic and edgy!!!! Keep up the amazing work!!”

“came by and visited your star gipsy. Had a good time, but she stole my heart with the fire in her deep blue eyes.”

“love the energy...I can tell its "From The Heart!"”

“Nicely written esoteric music!”

“Absolutely Beautiful Music!”

“Hey, Andy! Hadn't listened to Summer Love before. Love it, the slide solo is so great and Chrissy Armstrong a nice voice!”

“Hello Andy , Listening to * Gypsy * , awesome vocals and instruments . Takes me on a nice musical journey .Keep creating and all the best :-) T”

“You have definitely achieved your goal of creating an emotional reaction, both with your musicianship and your vocals”

“Hey Andy. I've been listening to your tracks and just wanted you to know that I'm so very impressed by your versatility, creativity, and musicianship. You are a rare talent indeed.”

George Hendricks - Record producer, promoter

“Awesome! Brilliant! Outstanding! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS!!!”

“'Sardonicus' is a great composition. Love the vocals on 'I Won't Let you Down'. Keep up the good work. ”

“You have such a great and unique sound that's all your own. I'm playing them all.”

“Finest Pop Songs with catchy melodies. 'I WON'T LET YOU DOWN' with great guitar, 'NEW BABY' is an interesting mix of American Pop with some country influences, and. 'ROSALIE' has some of the 80'. Great skills on the mix, great job”

“Excellent tunes; production; lyrics and arrangements...what's not to like?!”

“I'm closing my eyes and listening to the beauty that is "Dancing Alone"...You're a Star! And you'll never dance alone.”

“‘From The Heart’ is an outstanding debut album from UK indie artist, Andy Shearer. It would be unfair to try and pigeonhole this album into a specific genre due to it’s rich diversity and wide appeal. There is something here that should satisfy most tastes. Amongst it's many features are some punchy brass arrangements, lush strings and orchestral sounds & pulsating rhythms. Recommended **** (4 out of 5 stars)”

“Andy, now on your second song and looking to the future but only a few others on here .... these are great! Please upload some more ... the lyric and your presentation of these songs is exquisite ...i want more .......”

“Hey Andy, great music!! Send it in!!”

“What a lovely voice and beautiful tracks ! I hear you..Joy, despair, love, peace, loneliness, anger, sadness, hope, self pity, regret..I can most certainly associate with everyone of those emotions .......”

“It's refreshing to hear a skilled guitarist with such a gift for melody. "Rosalie" -my favorite! Can't wait to hear more! All the Best ;)”

“Really nice songs, with great arrangements. I hear a HIT in there!”

“... an English jewel, oscillating between 80's prog-rock, blues and modern indie-pop. The lion's share of the album tracks are instrumentals which are like a template for modern ballet. With catchy melodies and a World Music approach, Andy doesn't want to follow just one genre or style. He sounds pleasing without getting superficial, electronic without ticking off with hammering beats, he spreads a carpet of orchestral sounds without sliding into bombast. This music comes authentically "from the heart".............. (extract)”

“Andy - I just watched the Gypsy video ! Awesome songwriting and great guitar tone and playing ! ...............”

“Uhhhhhh... WOW. Man can you play guitar. The vocals are real good too... but MAN CAN YOU PLAY”

“Beautifully emotive guitar and vocals, flowing rhythms and an enchanting mix of influences to your music my friend, keep up the good work! Peace & respect, Aerial”

“Very melodic, engaging, appealing tracks !”

“Cool music!! Different and captivating!”

“The energy, choice of cool sounds and great musicianship featured in Andy's tracks, showcase his marvellous talent and spirit of adventure which engages you right from the start! ”

“Hi Andy! Damn, you can play that guitar! And that's a good thing! "Let's Get Busy" has got me uplifted on this Sunday! Love it! ~ Rod”

“No Doubt One Of Tha Best On ReverbNation!! Great Music From U.K.”

"Here showing great respect to your excellent work and music, all the best for 2012"

“I’m a composer and pianist from Ukraine, impressed with your music and your performance. Best wishes to you!”

““ Excelente musica, de puro arte y alimento para la mente, felicidades a Andy Shearer ” ”

“Loving the solo guitar, amazing vocals too!!! 'Dancing Alone' is awesome piece of art ! Well done mate and keep it up !”

“Listened to "Rosalie" - Really good song that heals the heart. The lead guitar is like a tear - you've got deep emotion.”

“So pleased you decided to let the world hear your own songs and musicianship. I love Hymn 4 Her but enjoyed them all! ”

“luv your number 1 single and have downloaded it from your store. I already have 'Leafy Avenue' which is my favourite and it means so much to me. x ”

“It is Wednesday and I'm tuning in to some of the best on RN...Peace and Love always ”

“I've found such a great songwriter, congrats, Andy!”

“your wonderful music sweetens the gray day...”

"GREAT music! keep up the good work!"

"Dreamy and atmospheric...lovely tunes!!"

“Very tasty groove oriented music! Nice thought-out compositions. And on the mellow side, such as Eastern Dream and Angel Of Mercy, you take the listener on a mellow journey of musical adventure.”

“Really like your original artistry and creative music:) I will recommend you to my fans! "Dancing Alone" has a wonderful enjoyment to it!!”

“I love Gypsy; beautiful harmonies and makes me feel good!!”

"Fantástica!!! Idolo!!! me encanta su música!!! Muchas felicidades a tu vida llena de luz amor y paz!!!"

“The music and instrumentation on these tracks can only be described as Stellar! Intricate and well done musicianship and I love "Leafy Avenue" with added vocals. Wonderful!”

“Excellent Work and Musicianship!”