Andy Roose / Press

“Andy Roose is a singer-songwriter from the St. Louis area. I heard one of his tunes while listening to that city’s fantastic community radio station KDHX not long ago and was knocked out. Have a listen…The harder you live, the better the song. ”

“The song writing is exceptional. ”

Mark Perry DJ KDHX 88.1 Drifters Escape St. Louis, Mo.

“#11 - "Statens Stone" by Andy Roose (the only self-release album on the chart)”

“You better not suck!!”

Caleb Strayer (after driving 500 miles to see Andy at Stooges)

“I'm not a musician but I know what I like and I do like it. (On the CD Statens’ Stone) ”

Jeff Corbin DJ KDHX 88.1 Back Country St. Louis, Mo.

“This isn't cookie cutter music. Open your ears to to real music! I could tell Andy's music was from the heart. It was the fastest hour of radio I've ever done!”

WRPO 93.5 FM

“You sing better than you talk”

Scott Esleman

“I'm really very impressed! I loved to death your outstanding inspired classy acoustic folk rock stuff buddy!!! Music for my ears and radio! Wonderful songs, great energy, you're very talented indeed!”