Andy Hearn / Press

“Andy has been favorably compared to John Lennon and you can certainly hear the influence of the Beatles in his music. Make no mistake his music is completely his own but it has much of the same atmosphere and feel that the Beatles, particularly John, had in their music. Electric Dreams pays homage to the Psychedelic sounds of the 60s as well and would have been as popular then as now.”

“One of the best songwriters I've had the pleasure of hearing in a long time!”

Michael Gailinas - Reverbnation comment

“I like Andy Hearn's music very much. It's so refreshing to hear people daring enough to be original.”

Andy Wood - Facebook comment.

“‎"come on now you know it's gonna be alright" great uplifting tune!”

Pam Speers - Facebook comment

“Perhaps the closest songwriting talent to John Lennon and Paul McCartney to emerge since the Sixties.”

Tree Records - Tree Records Official website

“Great music to sit out on the deck and have an ice cold beer!”

Steve Joos - Facebook comment

“What can I say, Andy! You're a legend, you really are!!”

Douglas Paul - Facebook comment

“thanks for your uplifting and refreshing tunes! ”

Suzi - Myspace comment

“You sound great and you resemble the Beatles”

Cynthia - Myspace comment

“Nice tunes. Made me think of Oasis' best stuff”

Mike - Myspace comment

“Dude you're awesome! The Warm Inside, Its like the 60's meets the 2000's!! Keep Rock'n”

Richard - Myspace comment

“Your songs rock.”

Luke - Myspace comment

“Cheerful Beatles meet solar US Indie acoustic rock. I think I've just heard our very own British Elliott Smith, what a discovery!”

CHIXARA - Reverbnation comment

“Great sound! Reminds me a little bit of John Lennons song style.”

Maria - Myspace comment

“It was a joy to listen to your music, I loved the style!”

Michelle - Myspace comment

“Andy writes music that is gentle, sensitive and easy to digest but not at all facile or repetitive. I would recommend everyody to go to his page and listen! ”

Bob Watmough - Facebook comment

“A very unique sound, not like all the rest!”

Linda - Myspace comment

“I'll be the first to buy the CD when it comes out, your songs are unbelievably beautiful.”

Roy - Myspace comment

“you remind me of the legendary roses in some ways, good stuff”

Danny - Myspace comment

“I find your music to be enchantingly lovely, upbeat, energizing, fresh and compelling, something that I know will keep on drawing me back again and again.”

Joel Siegfried - Myspace comment

“I can hear the 1960's/Oasis influence there in your tunes”

Liz Ryan - Myspace comment

“When I listen to your songs, it makes me think of the Beatles”

Midian - Myspace comment

“Reassuringly cheerful and confident music, with that ring of success”

Suzy - Myspace comment

“I can definitely hear the Beatles influence, especially John Lennon. Nice tunes. Keep it up, ”

Maria Savva - Myspace comment