And The Traveler / Press

“They are inherently a “rock” band with many songs you could easily hear on a radio station. That doesn’t make them bland to me. It only fascinates as I delve into and peel back the layers. Which for a three piece, is quite expansive. They’ve got the technicality of King Crimson and Dream theater, the dynamics of the Dear Hunter and the Mars Volta, and the diversity and unique song-writing like the Rx Bandits and Primus.”

“This independent and do-it-yourself progressive rock band fuses jazz throughout their album bringing a new sound that is enjoyable to listen to. The grooves found in “Spiderclass,” “Groove City,” and “Breathe With Me” all bring sexy bass rhythms and snazzy drum beats that’ll make you move.”

“The Road, The Reason is without question a concept album, and in my opinion should be listened to holistically. As in, get a good thing going, grab a couple beers, and listen through from start to finish. The music departs listeners on a voyage—an unabashed narration perfectly complimented by great compositions”

“Musically, as soon as you hear the disc’s opening track, “Steps,” a song which is heavy, melodic and progressive sounding, you know that you are in for a sonic roller-coaster ride. The band utilizes stylistic shifts, complex rhythms and quirky time signature changes to create music that is unlike anything that is being released today.”