And The Black Feathers / Press

“...it’s music to be played loud in fast cars with the windows down. Sure, it’s got groove, and melody, and well-crafted songwriting, but the best way to describe it is with less-elegant descriptions, like, “It rocks.” ...”

“...blues driven guitar licks with energy of modern garage rock, with the heart of a soul singer in the darkest dive bar. The grittiness of Howlin’ Wolf meets the catchy hooks of The Strokes with a flare of seventies punk rock...”

“...And The Black Feathers are unique. Plenty of bands claim that in their Facebook bio, but these guys put the music where the mouth is on their new record. Showcasing the dark side of Denver’s alt-indie scene, the tracks are danceable and dirty.”

"I got nothin’ Seriously, I got nothin’ – no adequate way to describe this band...Its a sound that’s not easy to pin down – it’s a little trashy, it’s a little “Clashy”…It has attitude and it has feel…Its got heart and its got soul…It’s raw and it’s real…So tune in and turn on to …And The Black Feathers"