Andru Bemis / Press

“... Bemis' music is what I can only describe as authentic-- probably the most "authentic" feeling act I have seen in a long time, if not ever.”

“Straddling the boundary between punk rock and mountain music, Bemis is known for taking traditional songs most people have never heard and adapting them in ways that are both inventive and memorable.”

The Isthmus, Madison, WI

“... a traditionalist with a fresh approach and a modern troubadour with deep respect for the roots of his craft. He is a gifted vocalist and instrumentalist. His music speaks to our present condition in language of a gentler past.”

“... [Rail to Reel is] the best Folk album of 2006 ...”

KDVX-FM, Davis, CA

“Michigan's premier neo folk artist ... is a modern day train hopping, banjo slinging troubadour who has made a name for himself in small venues across the US. His charismatic live show garners (accurate) comparisons to Arlo and Woody.”

“... road-ramblin' folk songs clatter with quickly plucked banjo and agreeable, gritty lyrics about railroads, crawdads, and the like ...”

A.V. Madison

“... modern-folk, Midwestern miracle of music ... [his voice is] pretty and ravaged, sounding as though 50 Appalachian winters have run him ragged ...”

Birmingham Weekly, Birmingham, AL

“This young man sings like a 30s cowboy, a 60s hippie, someone's kid brother. His music whispers in your ear with an intimacy that is addictive.”

“... Bemis’ ability to draw everyone together through informal sing-a-longs and quirky instruments ranging from a banjo that had “HEADING EAST” scrawled on it to a “banjo-ukulele” and a kazoo that had a guitar case all its own.”

“... the ability to play such a beautiful song is a rare gift, and a power of which I can only dream.”

Garrison Keillor

“... Describe his music as folk or bluegrass- Bemis calls it po'folk. Arlo, Van Ronk, early Dylan weave in and out of his original material- but to pinpoint him is impossible. His songs are deceptively simple with an earthy, intimate feel.”

Phantom Tollbooth

“Tradition-based contemporary folk ... evoking Jimmie Rogers, Woodie Guthrie and the growth of American culture as it spread across the Plains and Prairies and wound its way back to the cities.”

Wepecket Island Records

“... Bemis expresses sadness and joy with each chord. He tells stories in a unique, bittersweet way that sticks in your mind like long goodbyes at the train station.”


“... Andru's sad songs are a gritty, railroad-and-rust-belt sort of sad ... Even when he's singing his own stuff, it sounds like a rendition of something that surely must have been written decades ago and put into a "songs of the hobo" singalong book somewhere.”

“... one of the most unique and beautiful voices you will ever hear.”

“... one of the most remarkable combinations of old-time analog lifestyle and modern digital awareness ... His music is really beguiling- simple melodies and intricate lyrics ... a startling original.”

Keith Harrellson - Moonlight Music Cafe, Birmingham, AL

“... modern folk singer who sounds like he should be on some dusty old 78 record ... He has a beautiful voice that breaks one way to a cry and another way to a yell. He really captures the high lonesome sound.”

“... i listened to a history of music in that voice of yours as it cried picked soothed weedled whispered and doubled backover and into itself singing songs so exquisite raw and tooled that it almost pained me to hear em.”

Carl Schinasi

“... It may be the sincerity of his voice or the way he strings his words together in such fine fashion, either way, this was one of the finest traditional folk albums in years to make it’s way to my ears.”

Folk It Up