Androo Crothers - IRONSTONE / Press

“ Australian singer/songwriter Androo Crothers bows in MELBOURNE-based singer/songwriter Androo Crothers has released the three-song debut EP 'Ironstone Track'. The project was produced by William Campbell who plays bass at some of Androo's concerts.”

“I am traditionally a fan of heavy metal, but this time I was pleasantly surprised to hear this 'diamond in the rough'....Androo is a breath of fresh air, a modern-day James Taylor meets Larry Norman. He writes from the heart and shares his soul! Purchase his EP today. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. You will want to listen to these catchy tunes over and over again.”

Sherri Ross - Rowe Productions

“Anyone who recently saw Androo Crothers play at The Lighthouse knew one thing… you were witnessing the rise of a new talent… one of Melbourne’s hidden gems when it comes to musicians. Now comes Androo’s debut EP titled Ironstone Track. On it you’ll find three brilliant tracks. Alone And Forgotten has a unique Australian feel that is normally reserved for artists like Jame Reyne while Get It Right is a catchy track that finds itself sitting somewhere country and rock, but would lapped up by fans of either genre. But then comes Ironstone Track’s best track… an instant classic titled Scars. This is written from the heart and you could tell. Some interesting production makes this stand out from the other acoustic tracks on the EP and the sound heads into that ‘Under The Milky Way’ territory… this is seriously a track you could lose yourself in forever. This stunning little three-tracker is a great way to introduce yourself to the genius that is Androo Crothers.”