Andrew King / Press

“[re: the Kraken] This is probably one of the most interesting and exciting noise records I own. I can’t recommend it enough.”

“Pure Unadulterated, Cranium-Fucking Brilliance [re: Andrew King - WGT 2011 - Live].”

“Best Album of the Year: King’s vocals colour the narratives he tells so beautifully while the Brown Sierra flesh the tales out into full surreal environments. “Thalassocracy” is both a difficult and intoxicating listen ”

“[re: Ghosts] His voice sounds almost dredged from the past of old England”

“[re: Ghosts] Spellbindingly spooky, and as English as hot buttered cricket bat buggery”

“[re: Thalassocracy] Not much fun to listen to”

“[re: The Harbinger of the Decaying Mind] Strange voices from bathroom”

“[re: Changes / AK] This is a genuinely brilliant set of songs by Andrew and in this song, he has made a masterpiece that spans eras and communities. For anyone with even a passing interest in folk song, this is an important performance and a song without hyperbole to carry with you always”

“It is an uncompromising and fearless album but one that demands your full attention. [re: The Amfortas Wound] Many people may find it barren or too minimalistic however it does exert a strong power and is a singular experience”

“[re: The Amfortas Wound] And while it may not be to everyones taste it is produced with considerable love and in its own way represents an important point in capturing these songs and ballads for subsequent generations”

“[re: The Bitter Harvest] Could this be the first Folk-Concrete LP?”