Andrew Roussak / Press

“The beauty and essence of this album is that Mr. Roussak makes this all sound effortless. We are given emotionally charged music of the highest order, which is classical one minute, jazz the next and to some degree incorporating elements of rock, multi-faceted which is what keeps this all very fresh and progressive. We are talking about Andrew Roussak being in the same league as the maestros such as Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman make no mistake about that. This time around Andrew has stepped into the world of creative music alone, for me a wise step, which highlights his creative force, his ability to be able to create and present with confidence. On his past work he has worked with bands, but just the raw energy of what has been created here exudes that WOW factor.”

“Every once in a while a CD comes across my desk that just blows me away. Andrew Roussak’s Blue Intermezzo is such an album...One of the things that makes Roussak unique is that he seems to be equally comfortable with classical, jazz, and rock music and often combines the styles within the same pieces. His mastery of the piano is readily apparent with dazzling fingerwork and impeccable technique.”

“All 12 tracks are very much worthwhile and make a wonderful collection - it really works well as an album. They are played with passion and skill, demonstrating once more what an great musician Roussak is. The recording is very good as well to my taste. Interesting art work for the cover and the booklet, a step-up from the debut in that respect. All around, a top notch CD, and an original gift for the holidays season. On a scale of 1-6, a 5,5 masterpiece.”

“...Roussak is clearly someone who loves music and demonstrates the depth of that love to us on this album. Keyboard instruments and piano are a major feature of No Trespassing and the music herein will delight all fans of these instruments.”

“It is very clear from various tracks that Andrew Roussak has been influenced by Keith Emerson as well as Rick Wakeman.He knows his way in a large variety of styles, and really deserves it to be called a vituoso keyboard player.”

“Besides being a more than able composer and keyboardist, Roussak is a skilled producer to boot, seeing to it that the dominant instrument gets a similar sound and placement in the mix...”