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“Andrew Kasab "Guitar.Tune.Art" 2013 "Guitar.Tune.Art" is my first encounter with gifted guitarist and composer Andrew Kasab. Each track of this self-produced collection is played solo on a harp guitar. Kasab uses the tonal diversity and range of the harp guitar with aplomb and artistry. Percussive picking, harmonic tapping and dynamic fretwork in concert with melody are present throughout this CD. The opening "thrive", "fireflies" and "leaves"are all examples of the depth and breadth of composition as well as the attention to craft that truly shines on this collection. The first three tunes beckon and call inviting the listener on a sonic journey sure to delight and open the door wide to the eclectic sonic tapestry that Kasab creates on "Guitar.Tune.Art." © James Filkins”

“Four years ago, Andrew Kasab brought home a pair of cheap acoustic guitars. In fact, one was so damaged that it was free—a gift from Music & Arts, the instrument retail store where Kasab has taught since moving to the Triangle in 2003. He purchased the other for a pittance. Kasab is a guitar teacher, not a luthier or a carpenter. Still, he cut the neck from the broken instrument and grafted it onto its mate, adding a set of six heavy strings above the guitar's regular set. His Frankensteined creation was his first harp guitar, the odd instrument that's quickly become his calling card on local stages. "Taking a circular saw to an acoustic guitar is pretty entertaining. You cut it in half, and you're like, 'Oooo! Look at the guts,'" says Kasab. "I really love the low tones. I like the high tones. I like this varied open tuning. And I like the different ideas that you can get with fingerpicking. That's where I ended up putting together a junker harp guitar." ”

"What a great record ["Seven"]. Great playing. I was very pleasantly surprised."

Todd Fitch - The Ternion Complex Internet Radio

"This guy's a monster on the acoustic guitar."

Annette Warner, A.Warner Entertainment!

"I have to admit, I'm totally partial to homemade releases, and Andrew Kasab's Crossing is so homemade that it makes my computer hum and vibrate with a strange buzz. The music itself is earnest singer-songwriter strumming with a little pit of post-Dave Matthews rhythmic kick (not to mention hyper-sensitivity) evident in Kasab's playing, which frequently detours off into deft fills. In places ("Regret"), Kasab sounds like he's fronting a band that's not actually there, and one can imagine the band swinging into a groove behind him, all busy bass lines and semi-funky snares. The music, though, is better off without a band, leaving some amount to be imagined (which is more than can be said for most dudes with acoustic guitars). "


"Truly an amazing artist, I found so much talent and diversity in Andrew Kasab's music, I was immediately pulled into his mix of funky rock, red-hot blues and superb folk sound. Andrew has this deep voice, full of passionate soul that he lays into his guitar with. He's pulled deep into his roots to create extraordinary lyrics in songs like "Devil's Got No Hold" and "Regret". It's a toe-tapping good time CD! If you like your blues on the rocks with a little folk, you'll love Andrew Kasab's Crossing"


"I wanted to take an opportunity to extent a personal statement about Andrew Kasab, an artist with whom my stores have worked regularly with in recent months. Several stores in the North Carolina area have had the pleasure of hosting a live performance with Andrew and all have been very positive and enjoyable experiences. He is extremely professional and dedicated, offering his time to perform in our stores with energy and passion for his music that our staff and Borders customers just love. All stores have nothing but great things to say!"

Stacy MacGregor, District Marketing Manager, Borders NC and Tidewater VA

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of Triangle Uncorked, I wish to say thank you to Andrew Kasab for entertaining at Triangle Uncorked 2007. Andrew Kasab's music was excellent and well-received. Andrew was a pleasure to work with and very professional. I will not hesitate to call on Andrew again in the future."

John Thomas, North Raleigh Rotary Club, Chairman Entertainment Committee

"Sunday evening shows at The Pour House generally give listeners a chance to nurse a weekend of hangovers, and tonight is no exception. Two local folkies make up this week's Sunday soundtrack: Raleigh's Paul Daniel focuses on the punch of the desolate, echoing the world-weary Springsteen or, better yet, a less-scruffy Pete Yorn. Cary's Andrew Kasab works from the other side of the spectrum, turning his acoustic into a mouthpiece for emotion as he picks and strums his way through bluesy Americana rags."

The Independent