Andrew Evans Music / Press

“I have just received an exclusive copy of the lead track for the New EP from North London based Singer/songwriter Andrew Evans, who has been busy this year in his Hertfordshire based Black Cat Recording Studios. Typical to Andrew’s professionalism the promo has all the qualities of a finished Master. I can hear that Andrew undertook best production practices and is fully aware of the term “you cannot polish a turd” (albeit producers like Darkchild are famed for rolling it in glitter). However he has done it, and with whatever the budget, Andrew has captured his instrumentation beautifully, the Guitar introduction is warm and carries the music to the vocal bridge. “Tell ME” has Spring-time all over it, the 90’s harmonies and plodding rhythms “Tell me” Summer is on its way but the affectionate guitar and subtle piano is the cwtch I need for a brisk February morning. 4/5”